Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jodhaa Akbar

it's not a very recent movie... i think it was released a few months ago.. but i finally managed to watch it yesterday. This movie is supposed to be about some history.. in the 15th century i think... ( i didnt quite understand d history part... i dont even remember Malaysian history .. as if Indian history is gonna stay in my head! ). but there wasnt much of history like Mangal Panday. this one had more love story.

Hirthik Roshan was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! everything about him was so good! his acting, his hair, his mustache, his green eyes, his muscles!! hahha... he did his role perfectly well. he looked like a real king, just like how his role in d movie was.. he carried himself very very well. i think so far this is his best movie. after watching Jodhaa Akbar, Hirthik took over Surya's place in my list of expectations from a guy! hahah

Aishwarya Rai looked pretty n all dolled up. her jewellery n accessories were beautiful, n so was she... but she looks old in certain scenes. otherwise she did a good job in d crying scenes n pathetic roles ( she always does a good job in crying n depressed looks )

the songs were nice, the movie was good, the director must have had a tough time handling the whole crowd ( its set in d 15th century so u can imagine that this movie is all about war n conquering nations, so there were thousands of ppl involved in the shootings ).

most importantly, it was the story line that caught my attention. basically this movie is about a Hindu princess who is forced to marry a Muslim King to save her country. both of them agree to marry each other for the sake of their ppl. but the Muslim King sacrifices so much for his wife, and does so many things for her n her ppl because he loved her so much. he had misunderstandings with his fellow ministers n step mother, he even took after the name Akbar because of his wife.

it made me wonder... if there's even a single soul in this century who would do half as much for his wife or girl friend ....

i say "not at all"....wat do u think....?

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