Friday, April 4, 2008

sleeping in a new place??

blogging here in blogspot reminds me about my first few days in d hostel when i first came to India in 2005. i'm d kind of person who can't sleep properly in new places or when someone else is sleeping on my bed with me. in this case... no one is sharing my bed, but it feels as if i'm new here even though i've had a blog in blogspot before... ( i think that was more than a year ago! =s )

I somehow couldnt make myslef blog in blogspot. i dont know if it was because i was at home in malaysia during the holidays ( i hardly go online when i'm at home ), or because i was plain lazy or because i didnt know if anyone was reading it. i just stopped blogging for some time n then i activated my dead blog in friendster.

but i've made up my mind now, i'm not gonna quit blogging. i'm gonna have a long term affair with blogging from now on onwards! ;)

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