Wednesday, April 30, 2008

greetings from chennai

reached here early this morning... at about 5.30am.

my aunty told me to sleep for a while.. but i didnt want to... so, brushed my teeth, had bath, had breakfast, played some games with my cousins for a while, n then i went n slept at about 11.30am... thinking that i'll wake up at about 2pm for lunch.... but slept through till 5pm!!

my cousins n aunt had a though time trying to wake me up it seems! my cousins wanted to have lunch with me... so, they tried waking me up... but i didnt even stir ...

at 5pm.. my aunty came to d room and finally managed to get me out of bed...

had lunch at 5.30pm! i wonder if i'm gonna sleep tonite... :S

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