Monday, March 9, 2009

10 reasons why i dislike you

Dear nameless neighbour with the spiky blonde hair, since i dont know your name, i'll just gonna call u dumb blonde to make things easier alrite.

1) you've obviously been in this flat longer than i have, and now i understand y ur previous flatmates were hoping that the other flatmate would be more cooperative than you are. y cant u shut the doors properly/more decently rather than slamming it all the time!!!

2) this is a sharing flat. and the only thing we share is the kitchen, but u dont have d courtesy to do ur part in the kitchen.

3) my parents did not spend thousands of pounds and sent me to Glasgow to clean up ur rubbish alrite u fool! u get rid of ur own rubbish! d next time u dont take d garbage out, i'm gonna pile it up in front of ur room!! i dont even care if i have to pass by it everyday while i'm on my way in and out of my room.

4) what kind of a dumb blonde other than u is capable of leaving a whole chunk of raw meat in an uncovered tub full of water by the sink for 4 whole days and forget about it!!! i dont even wanna go into details of how it looked like after the second day!!

5) again, be reminded that this is a sharing flat. u do not stuff ur smelly food stuff in anyone else's shelf in d fridge! y d hell do u buy everything n let it to rot and spoil and stink up d whole place if u dont cook at all!! buy ur own fridge if u insists on letting ur foodstuff rot!

6) like all men who think with the piece of flesh in their pants that they hail so high and mighty, u need ur dose of alcohol. fine... i totally understand.. but for crying out loud, u have absolutely no right to trouble ur fellow flatmates if u'r drunk!!! go sleep on the streets and make as much noise as u want to and howl like a dog for all i care.. but DONT U DARE repeat wat u did last saturday nite!!!!!

7) as if it isnt enough torture that i have to hear u howl in ur room... i have to tolerate ur idiotic drinking partners as well??!!

8) sometimes i wonder how much more stupid you can get! u get drunk for God knows wat pleasure and then u throw up all over d place!! if only we were to be sharing a common toilet.. i would have made sure u were kicked out of this place... even if i have to tell a lie and say that u tried to rape me while u were drunk!

9) not only do i have to ignore the furnitures breaking and falling all over the place next door, i have to hear you and ur fool of a friend vomit as well!!

10) if u are drunk, u drink outside the flat, you sing outside the flat, you fall on the streets outside the flat, you vandalize the cars on the streets, you vomit outside the flat, you fight with ur friends outside the flat and you finish all ur business outside the flat. you DONT come trashing the place and falling all over the place and bumping on every door thinking its ur own room, and u most DEFINITELY DO NOT terrify me and keep me awake half the nite thinking if i locked my room door or not!!!

one more time u miss behave urself, or one more time u come back with ur stupid male companions and disturb me, i will make sure u live to realize that this is the most terrible mistake that u have ever done in ur whole entire life.

oh, n u can most definitely count on me to keep my words... EACH.AND.EVERY.ONE.OF.IT!!


maidinmalaysia said...

how terrible!
sounds like a vermin.

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

if there's anything worse than that... he is it then! but he seems to have mellowed done A LOT... d kid read my piercing looks! LOL