Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I dont get it

the paper wasnt all that tough. there could have been hundreds of other possible questions like carcinogens, CML, AML, probes, FISH, (no. .. there r no chickens and prawns in molecular and cytogenetics), QF-PCR, microsatellites, HD, CFTR, metabolisms, translocations, del/dup, imprinting, PGD, PND, triplet repeat disorders, DMD, FraX, microarrays, CGH, gene therapy, .. yadda yadda yadda..etc. etc. .. but no....there werent any. the questions were pretty simple. but i somehow have d nagging feeling that i didnt really do well in the two papers that i've just finished. i thought it was d right answer, until i heard someone else talking about it, n then i realized i'm gonna miss out on that part.. cos the final total marks depends on ppl like that.

i truely, madly, deeply dont relate to the kind of marking that is done here. i've never seen any university in any country that doesnt have a total number of maximum marks for an exam paper! (till i came here that is). the maximum mark depends on the smartest person in the class. how am i supposed to compete with doctors and researchers. they'll obviously know much more than i can think of. in d end, my paper will look like its some joke compared to theirs!

i just remembered that a month ago i was gonna put up a count down chart on my page... count down for my exams... my exams are gonna get over d day after... there's no point in putting up a count down timer now is there...?

instead.. i'll just put up a shout out count down timer..

2 MORE DAYS TO GO BACK HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

n 2 more exams before that. (Chumi the exams come before going back home.. so lets o=focus on the exams for now alrite!)

i hate the very word 'chemistry'. just the thought of it makes me shudder. when i did my last chemistry exam in undergrad... i was so happy to the extend that i was rejoicing that night instead of studying for the next exam. i thought that was the last chemistry exam i'd ever have to do for the rest of my life. boy oh boy... how wrong was i!

i've got another chemistry exam tomorrow. but thank God it is biochemical genetics n not just the serious, plain, old, real, chemistry. because there's d suffix and prefix of bio- and -genetics added to the word chemistry, i can tolerate it. if i were to study for another chemistry exam (n especially in postgrad in this country), i swear it, i'd rather get married and become a housewife than to study anymore!

n then there's clinical exam on friday... which i know i'm screwed for sure. the doctors are gonna be sleeping their thursday night peacefully while i sit like a zombie and try n get some clinical thoughts into my head rather than home thoughts! i'm already looking like an owl now. my mum is gonna get a shock when she sees me on saturday nite. and as if that isnt enough... there's this 'earth Hour' thingy on Saturday nite.. just when i'll be reaching home. i wonder if the airport is supporting it. imagine that! the airports switch off all their lights and computers for an hour. it'll all be pitch black! and the runways and flights as well! eermm.... okay.. it's becoming scary rather than funny.

i am going to survive tomorrow's biochemical genetics and d day after's clinical exam. i will survive! and for that.. i got to study now, otherwise i'll be in another panic attach tomorrow morning!


Chronicwriter said...

welkum back to indiaaaaa... the motherland ... chocolates are mandatory...

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

haha.. thank u for d warm welcome.. but my home is Malaysia