Friday, March 20, 2009


Since i'm gonna be leaving for home in a week's time (OMG.. only 1 week left!!! i'll be on my way back home next week!! woohoo!!! *jumps in joy and stumbles on her books and notes* eerm... on a more serious note, i've got to endure 4 killers papers before going back home... sigh.. i'd better not think about home yet for now), i went chocolate shopping last week.

i dont have d time to go shopping for everyone personally, cos its a last minute planned trip and i really dont have the time to spare for shopping now while i'm in d midst of preparing for my exams. actually, d truth is, my bank balance is still suffering the consequences of the irresponsible act of the shopaholic in me who took over the mindful me ever since Boxing day. i cant go back home with an empty suitcase and no gifts for anyone. so, they're just gonna have to be happy with chocolates this time. maybe next time i'll add them to my shopping list when the shopoholic me is on the loose again.

yea so, i went chocolate shopping last week. didnt wanna waste time going out when its nearer to d exams, thats y i chose to do it last week.... but it looks like i've made a big mistake...

looks nice eh...?

d box n d packing looked nice, but i've never tried this chocolate before. i've always been so crazy about ferrero rocher that i dont bother looking at other chocolates. (i hear u say that i couldnt have bought ferrero rochers for everyone... if i did buy ferrero rochers, i will have to give it to everyone, and there wont be any left for me. when it comes to ferrero rochers..i will NEVER share! i'm that kind of a psycho when it comes to ferrero rochers :P) back to my story.. it wouldnt be nice to give something to someone if its not nice rite? so i thought i'd better try the chocolate to make sure that it was good enough.

since i bought dark chocolate and milk chocolate, i tried one of each. it was quite good.. not as good as ferrero rocher, but good enough. i was gonna keep it inside, but then i realized something else. there are 42 chocolates in each box. if one is nice, not necessarily d rest in d box should be nice too. there are high possibilities that only 1 or two in the box is nice, n the remaining could be so-so.

i wasnt gonna take that chance. so i tried another one.

and then another one....

and another one...

(u get d drift already, dont u)

till i ended up with this....

i mean, come on.. there were so many varieties.. n look at the discriptions! u read it all n tell me if u can just try one of it n not be bothered about the others no matter how it is was!

when i finally came to my senses, it was a wee bit too late.

today i'm left with this...

i highly doubt there'll be anything left by the time i reach home next weekend. i might just have to buy some chocolates in the airport... oh.. i forgot.. there's another box of dark chocolates left. ( i spared that box cos i dont like dark chocolates ). oh well, my friends and family will have to tolerate with that then


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