Saturday, April 12, 2008

stupid irresponsible electricity dept in bangalore!!!!!!!!

There was no power from 2.50pm till 7.20pm!!!!!! 4 n half solid hours!!

today's weather was like 32 degrees!!!! can i imagine that! 32 degrees weather ( which felt more like 36 degrees ... thanks to d humidity ), no air con, no fan, no wind, no internet, no tv, no sleep, no peace of mind... y all this?? cos NO POWER FOR 4 N 1/2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!! n that too in d afternoon!! it wouldnt have been this bad if it were to be in the morning or at nite

i couldnt even study properly in d afternoon today, cos of d stupid weather! it was just too hot to concentrate, n i couldnt sleep also cos it was too hot!

this is d heights i tell u! there wasnt even any notice about no power supply for d afternoon... there never has been anyways!

i can foresee tomorrow scenario.... it's gonna be just like today!! @%$&*#!#@$%^&*!!!

i'm in such a foul mood now! i wasted d whole afternoon doing nothing... not even one page i studied n my whole entire life depends on this final exams :( :( :(

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