Monday, July 13, 2009

celebrating christmas in July

it felt as it was already Christmas lat nite.

my flatmate and i kept talking about giving cookies of sweets or something at all to all our fellow 70 Ferry Road residences since we moved in two weeks ago as an excuse to getting to know everyone... but we never got about doing it.... till last nite.

my friend and i baked a cake... (okay.. my friend baked a cake and i did the testing part as usual), which was a bit too much for us to finish. so we abruptly thought of giving that cake to everyone.

instead of just cutting pieces of cakes and putting it in plastic bags or watever simple way there is, we (I) wrapped it up in foil paper like it was a christmas present,

had it all lined up (had to line it up cos different sizes of cakes for different flats according to the number of ppl that we estimated),

wrote a note and stuck it on all 7 little parcels,

and went sneaking out at 1am to hang it on our neighbours' doors so that they will see it in the morning.

it really felt just like christmas..

its been 24 hours since we did all that... our greedy neighbours havent even bothered acknowledging!!! we even spent time thinking of appropriate things to write u know!


MiM said...

how i wish i was ur neighbour, lah

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

u'd wish u'r thousands of miles away from me when u hear me in d middle of the nite.... LOL, n d cake baking wasnt even me.. all i did was try it (as usual) and sign it off as safe to be distributed.. oh, n d packing of course..