Monday, November 19, 2007

cold cold cold...

Bangalore is freezing cold for d past few days.. d weather's between 8 degrees n 14 degrees!

my fingers n toes get so cold that my finger nails n toes nails become purplish blue in colour, as if its just rotting, n go so numb that i wont be able to feel d fingers on my left hand while i'm doing d exam!

n my teeth goes shattering non stop.. till my friends wonder if its shattering because of d cold weather or because of exam tension. hhaha... a few days ago... just before one practical exam, a few friends n i were trying to figure some doubt which we had in that subject.. i couldnt even talk properly cos my teeth was chattering.. i had to repeat d sentence a few times in bits n pieces so that they understood!

thanks to this stupid weather.. i'm feeling sick already today... ok ok.. d ice cream i had yesterday is d culprit..... but it was just one small scoop of Snickers Gellato ice cream.. how much damage can it cause anyway...? :P

on a happier note... i'm happily counting my days till this friday. i'll sleep in Bangalore on friday nite n wake in Penang on saturday morning!!! :D

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