Tuesday, November 6, 2007


exams r finally over... but its just d theory exams... i've got practicals from d 13th till d 22nd... n then i'll finally be able to go back home!!!!

anyway.. as soon as exams got over today.. me went shopping!!! hahaha... but didnt shop to my hearts content yet! this is just d beginning!! hehehhe... actually, i wanted to go to Com Street ( that's sort of a famous shopping spot here in Bangalore ) n then to Big Bazaar ( its concept is something like Pacific or BM Plaza.. ).. but i only went to Com street n then got back home.. cos i thought tomorrow was Diwali n it'd be really crowded n it'd be total madness to go shopping now! i wont even have to walk to get around in that building.. d massive crowd will just push me around!!

i didnt wanna get cramped in that crowd so i got back home.. n only now i heard from a friend that Diwali is on d 9th n not d 7th!!! this is wat exams n studies do to me.. i forget wat's on wat day! i wouldnt be surprised if i forget my own birthday because of this stupid exams!!!

so, have to go back shopping tomorrow! =D n now am gonna sleep peacefully till tomorrow morning!!!! hahahha.. i wish!

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