Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bright sunny days.....

yea... i'm surprised myself...

it's only on rare occasions where we get sunny days here... otherwise it's always grey n cloudy.

since the weather has been pleasant d past 2 days... i have no hard feelings against it! hahaha... but it's still cold n chilly, cos the temperature is dropping to about less than 5 degrees during d day.

i've been having some fun a past few days.

went out to a football stadium not so near by n ended up coming back way late at nite all alone.

went bowling with my classmates n then dinner at nandos. i got free 1/2 chicken in Nandos! LOL!!! we had loads of fun in d bowling alley. i made a total fool out of myself... but i wasnt d only one.. so that wasnt a big problem! hahhaha.... i'm stil waiting for d pics from my friends as well so that i can upload everything together at one go in my facebook album n picasa.. so, just give me a few more days n it'll all be up in my facebook acc k.

n i've finally decided to sort out d other pics n post it up on facebook very soon. i was supposed to do that this morning since i dont have classes today, but i had to go out n settle some things for my accommodation and there was this Intership Fair in the Uni today, so i thought i'd drop by. turned out to be a total waste of time. sigh.....

back to square one tomorrow where i have loads n loads of paper work to do, and lecturers to attend.


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