Sunday, October 19, 2008

the weather in Scotland

Everyone's been asking me how i've been getting along here, how's d place, d ppl, d weather... n d conversation ends up all d time about d weather.

it's pretty cold here. d 1st week when i was in Glasgow,the temperature was about 14-15 degrees. that was bearable. i just had to wear a sweat shirt or a coat everytime i go out n i'll be warm n fine.

but last week, d temperature dropped to about 10 degrees. it's usually about 8-10 degrees during d day n 4-5 degrees during d nite n early morning. as if it isnt cold enough, it's usually very very windy!

last wednesday i had to attend a talk about gene therapy n cystic fibrosis in one of d university buildings. initially i thought it was only for about half an hour, so i agreed to attend it. and then i realized it was gonna start at 6.30pm, n it'll surely take more than an hour.

true enough, when d talk finally ended, it was past 7.30pm. it was dark, cold n freezing outside. my friends offered to walk me back cos my accommodation is way too far from civilization n it's too lonely to walk back alone when it's dark.

so, these two bodyguards of mine started dressing up there n then, wearing their cap, n gloves n extra sweaters (that they carry along in their bags all d time), n i was wearing a shoe that was killing my feet(which wasnt even keeping me warm), n my black coat, without gloves, cap or even an extra sweater!

obviously i was freezing myself all d way back to my place as if i was being frosted like a piece of meat in a freezer compartment in a fridge! when i reached Winton Drive, i couldnt possible say thank u n goodbye to my friends cos my lips were frozen. n when i reached my room, i couldnt hold d key properly n unlock my door.

BUT...... that was still ok.

d thing that i HATE d most is when it rains.

i love d rain... i really do... only when i'm indoor or when i dont have to get dressed n go out for a meeting, or to class. who would like to get drenched n look like a drain monster in front of a class full of doctors n pediatrics rite??

d problem here is that it rains just when u'r about to leave for classes in d morning, n it gets heavier when u'r praying for a drier weather, n then u totally give up when u'r nearing ur lecture theater cos u cannot be more soaked than u already are.

that's wat happened to me a week ago. i got soaked big time on my way back from class. thank God i was on my way back n not on my way to d hospital! i was dreanched inside out (eerrr.... outside in). my phone, my papers, my pen drive, my notes.. everything i had was soaking in a pool of water!

i was lazy to carry my umbrella so i just wore my water proof coat, n i was painfully informed that even if something is meant to be waterproof, it can only last up to a certain limit. n d limit is definitely not 45 minutes under heavy heavy rain!

anyways, so after that day, i faithfully carried my umbrella with me everywhere i went to n everyday. my umbrella was literally my lamb n i was little miss Mary who had a little lamb that followed her everywhere she went to.

but today, my little lamb died!! :(

it broke.... because of d winds!!!!!!!!!!


now i got to go n buy another umbrella that can last this strong winds here...

imma gonna have to buy d huge big umbrella n carry around like a walking stick (cos it obviously wont fit into my bag!) even when its not raining!

great! just perfect!

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