Friday, October 17, 2008

after 10 whole days....


I finally heard a car honk!

that's how nice the ppl here are!

u know if u wanna cross the road, u can just run across a busy street without even looking right or left. that's because the drivers here are really considerate! they stop for u n let u go, n NOT honk at u.

just imagine wat will happen if this were to happen in Malaysia or India. it'll either end up to be a hit-n-run case, or u would have turned deaf because of all the honking n cursing!

the ppl here are so patient n helpful. they always have a smile plastered on their face. at first i thought they were being fake.. n then i realized that this is how ppl here r.

i'm so used to d malaysians n indians now, n when i see someone who's smiling all d time, i tend to think they're just forcing themselves.

the Scottish ppl dont have any tension, no worries, no bad thoughts, therefore no bad deeds come from them. even if there's something reallt bothering them, they dont show it on others.

y cant everyone in the world be like that? it'll make this world a better place. it'll reduce blood pressure, it'll bring joy to everyone. then everyone else can have a smile on their face too.

wont that be a happy place to live in?


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