Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Welcome to myself... :)

Well, i’ve finally decided to blog…not because i want to…but because so many of my friends have been asking (or rather forcing, and threatening !!) me to do so! so, at least for their satisfaction i’m gonna do it…

i’m not a big fan of blogging…but i do agree that it’s a convenient way of sharing our daily activities with our friends and family whom we cannot meet often due to circumstances…n since i’m so far away from home and my friends….i guess this will help fill them up about wats happening on my side of the world….

but i cannot promise that i’ll be a good girl and blog everyday….there’s no way i can do that!! i do write diaries….but i obviously cant post all of that here cos it’ll be a nitemare for me and also for u guys…..so..i’ll just keep it short and sweet here! :-)

Anyways, i gotta get going for today….i have Chem pracs tomorrow (10 hours from now actually) which carries 25 marks for my finals…n here i am inaugurating my blog!! wat a time to start this!

alrite then…so long for now….cheers to all bloggers here…:-) ..gud nite ppl…

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