Friday, September 5, 2008

Chumi's evolutions in d past 3 months

there's been loads n loads of changes in this past 3 months....

some of d obvious ones are

1) putting on weight

2) becoming a lazy ass ( not like i wasnt one before... i've just become even worse now)

3) improved my typing skills n speed ( who wouldnt after all d hours n pages that i typed )

4) lost most of my communication skills

5) i've put on more weight ( no.. i'm not repeating... i'm merely trying to explain just how much i've increased in size )

6) eer.... (i cant think of any more so i'll just end with this ) n this :

from this:

to this:

i need a haircut... but mum doesnt want me to... so, looks like i've got to settle with this messy look from now onwards

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