Sunday, August 24, 2008

unfinished business

remember my previous post where i said i'd definitely sort out my hundreds of pics n files n folders by end of this week... well... not only havent i done that... i've added on another hundred pics to my album!!

i couldnt help but take pics of my cute little adorable niece!! she's such a darling!!! :D

i had to bride her with chocolate to carry her d 1st day!

she looks really innocent rite....dont be fooled!! she's a devil in disguise! :D

she's a naughty naughty girl! hahahha... one minute she'll cry n scream n kick n d next minute she'll be smiling from ear to ear when she gets wat she wants!

she's just 1 year old n she can abrely walk n talk... but she insists on feeding herself adult food .. n that too without any teeth! aahhah

she goes shopping in her dirty t-shirt n nappy

n she gives that adorable smile of hers till u melt!

such a darling!! :)

she's officially d cutest most adorable baby i know... but of course.. that's only after me! (no.. i mean seriously...)

anyways... back to my story.. so, mission failed miserably la...i've more photo's than i can imagine n i dont know how long i'm gonna take to sort all that out ..n i've got to start creating new albums for random pics cos i have very very random pics this time....

my cousin's wedding was a blast.. though we all were dead tired after all that. d crowd that turned up for d wedding on a weekday afternoon was amazing.. even at nite n during d reception last nite.

d reception is a story on its own! i had d papers with d table arrangements so i was supposed to be there by 7 so that i can help d guests find their tables. but was happened was.... while mum n i were on our way towards Sunway Hotel, my uncle called up n said that he couldn't pick someone else cos he was expected to be in d hotel earlier due to some problem. so we had to turn back n fetch them n then go to d hotel. we got caught in d traffic n road blocks (all because of d stupid by-elections la!! ggrr...) n we only reached at 7.30pm. d dinner was scheduled to start at 7.30pm!!

when i reached d grand ball room, i was welcomed by an unwelcoming sight! most of d guests were roaming about trying to find their tables n there was so much of confusion! we managed to sort everything out and were finally ready for d bride n d groom to walk in, but d bride wasnt ready! hahaha...

finally d dinner started at about 8.45pm... but d food wasnt ready... sigh.. anyways... it was a fun nite...

except for some ppl who constantly kept staring at me n talking openly in front of about getting me hitched n introducing me to some guys whom they know n about guys who were asking for my number..... :S my bro in law had fun teasing me!

i had a little bit of fun with all d attention n whispering about me... but i had to sacrifice prawns because of d ppl around me la.. i was so conscious of myself n couldnt even eat properly cos almost everyone on my table was keeping an eye on me! not fair la....

n then i was msgin my friends in between to avoid eye contact with anyone when yasmin n sherline warned me not to come back without anyone;s phone number... i think i wouldnt mind eating tiger prawns in front of my fellow table friends rather than ask for a guys number while sitting between my mum n my cousin's father in law (literally my father in law also)!!

i take one bite of something n casually look up to see wats happening on d stage n i catch my bro in law's sis staring at me. it happened a few times until i stopped looking in that direction! i take a sip of something n look to my left to see if my friends were coming to help me n i see my bro in law;s bro staring at me! i ask for a fork n spoon n my (cousin's) father in law notices that i dont use chopsticks. i turn to d left n talk to my mum n my bro in law's bro in law (whom i've never spoken to is staring at us... n later that nite he invites my mum n me to their house d next time we're in kl!)

haiz.... all i heard d whole of last week was get married, this guy is available, that guy is looking for a girl, u'r such a humble girl, that family is a very very good family u shouldnt miss this opportunity, he;s studying in UK, he's an architect in London, he's settled in US for good, he's such a handsome guy, there are so many ppl asking about u in this temple, i want to introduce u to some guys, thoe fellows n single n available, u can study after wedding if u want, very good family, they really like u, get married soon, get married.....

excited also when u hear that u'd in demand... but too much of something is not good rite.....

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