Wednesday, August 27, 2008

that little red book

i was searching high n low for that little red book today. wat would i do if i didnt find it! not that it was new... it's expired already but it's stil very very important...

i searched in my study room... but didnt give it a serious thought n immediately rushed n threw open my mum's filing cupboard. i was so sure i was it there last (which i thought was last week... but it was last year!)

i found another little red book, but not the one that i wanted. i started getting worried... but decided to wait until mum came back home. i thought i'd ask her first before i got into a nervous breakdown.

when mum said she didnt know where it was... that was it! i literally torn her filing cupboard apart!! while mum took over i went to my room n searched for it... (still inconvinced that it would be in my room).

yea... i finally found it...n yea... it was in my room n not in my mum's cupboard... :P. i had kept it in my document bag which i havent even unzipped since d day i landed in malaysia!so... no wonder i couldn't find it....

anyways... guess wat.... i found all my little red books! even my very first one!!

look at this :

notice d difference... my thumb print in my first passport is cute cute!!! hahahahha

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