Friday, August 15, 2008

Chumi is waiting....

i woke up so early this morning cos of two things.... i had to wait for d postman or professional courier service or private courier service and i had to wait for my uncle to come n give me d list for d table arrangement for my cousin's wedding reception

it's already afternoon and i'm yet to receive any one of it!!!!!

i've been waiting for my certs to arrive from india for ages and ages, but it always got delayed because of some sort of technical error and lack of communication among the ppl in the college itself! when everything was finally settled they posted it over to me and i was supposed to receive it today but it hasnt come yet... now i dont know who to call and ask (cos this thing is from india... they have many offices here which are all over d country..which i dont know cos i've enver received anything from this company before )

n my uncle said that he'll pass d table arrangement list to me today morning so that i can print it out

this morning at about 9 something i heard a car honking... i thought it was probably in front of my neghbour's house and ignored it... within a minutes realized it must be for me. i ran down d stairs and almost tripped and fell in my hurry to get to d door before they left....

and wat happened after that...?? yea.. they left!! no one was there in front of my house... i spent d last 3 hours trying to figure out if it was my uncle or if it was my documents from india. n then my mum calls me a few minutes ago and tells me that she received a call from DHL. they have a document for me. it seems they came to d house this morning but no one was in. so they couldnt deliver it to me.

a call to DHL office made me more confused than i've ever been off late! they said d document is from singapore and they're just d third party... so DHL dont really know where exactly d document is from. ok... that's fine.. i can easily assume that ts from India and they've sent it to singapore, DHL sent it from singapore to BM. but d problem is... DHL called my mum's mobile number to inform her!

how can that be possible?! d document is in my full name with my mum's number! y on earth would i give my mum's number intead of my num?!?

that fellow in DHL said he wont be able to deliver it to me by today, so i'll have to wait till tomorrow.....

there's no way i'm gonna sit around and wait for another 24 hours and not know wat i'm waiting for!! i got to go and look for DHL office in Tmn Indrawasih now... sigh.....

i really hope its my certs from india and not just some stupid customised document from some ad company or something like that!

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