Friday, August 8, 2008


it's becoming a habit now.... i only blog once a week. it didnt happen by choice la... by chance

anyways... i wanted to do something significant today, something very extraordinary, something thrilling, something special, for the sake of remember this special date 08.08.08... but didnt know wat to do

i called up yasmin in d morning, n did she sound enthusiastic or wat!!(yea rite!) sherline said she herself was cracking up her head trying to think of i wonder if she was cracking up her head for her assignments or for this day.

d only thing i've done today is withdraw some money from my account, withdraw some more money from my account, drove around BM town while half sleeping, n managed to make myself a teaseable laughing stock in Anandha Bhavan, and d most important and extraordinary thing i've done today is sweep my front porch!!

wow!! thats something to remember for d rest of my life!!! :S

i've been comtemplating on whether i should do wat i shouldnt do.... i wonder how it'll turn out. if it's all cool... then Cool! but if it back fires... i'm DOOMED! sigh.... i wonder if it'll be a shock, or would be expected of me ( considering d many idiotic things i've done in d past )... actually, i alway do something ou of sheer boredom n desperation n then remember n regret it for d rest of my life!!

but today seems to be too good to be wasted just like that without doing anything about it... probably i can msg. that way i dont have to face it face-to-face. it could be ignored or taken into consideration rite.....

i think i should just go shopping ( i took my mum's credit card together with her atm card). imagine d look on my mum' s face when she recieves her bills next month. oh boy... that would be something to be remembered for d rest of my entire life!!!!

errr... with d 2 options that i have left for today ( 1- msg something which might turn out to be good or bad, depending on someone else's mood, 2-bring d roof down on myself by pushing my limits with my mum), i'd go for d 1st option anyday....

cos i wouldnt wanna mess with my mum considering all d things that she has to put up with me n wat she has to do for me some more...

on a second thought, i think i might as well watch a movie, n remember this day as d day i was wise enough not to make a fool of myself all in d name or excitement!

or....maybe... just maybe... i could actually send that msg n get away with it......??

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