Monday, August 18, 2008

lazy rainy day...

perfect day to stay in bed longer... but not my perfect day today...

so many things to settle before i leave for kl tomorrow... haiz.... i wanna go back to bed!! :( :( :(

i've got over a hundreds of pics to sort out, i've got to arrange my study room ( it never stays d way i want it to or like how it used to be... d next day it becomes messy already.. i need a bigger study room la!! ), i've got to write a list of things to buy ( clothes actually... i cant stand d torture of facing my mum after every credit card bill :P ), i need to finish off so many pending work, i need to find myself a job that pays me, i need to get myself something meaningful n challenging in life!!

i'm so sick of doing nothing significant with my life at d moment... everyday i wake up at odd hours, everyday i sit in front of d comp n tv n do nothing great, everyday i drive around for hours n hours doing chores. n everday i keep delaying my personal work, n i keep neglecting my photos n files...sigh

there are loads of pics that i wanna upload n loads of stoies that i wanna tell u guys... but whenever i switch on d comp n log in to blogger... i dont feel like blogging la... :S

i'm going to make sure i settle everything after i come back from kl n by d end of this week... then from next week onwards u guys n read all d stories that i have with loads of pics k....! :)

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