Friday, June 19, 2009

twinkle twinkle little star

i have absolutely no clue wat i'm doing with my life, and i so dont care.

i mean, which idiot sleeps at 6am and wakes up at 3pm while in UK, and sleeps from 8am till 4pm while she's in Malaysia? its not even jet lag or the right time difference. it doesnt make sense at all!

the fact that 10pm is as bright as 10am doesnt help and 4am as bright as 4pm is of no help as well!

i'm stuck in a class filled with doctors and specialists and working adults who are all above average and who work hard for all their assignments and exams and manage to get an average mark, while i dont work for it at all n i still get an average mark. y is that so?? cos i'm smart, but i dont make use of it! even a preschooler recognized that!! i do not know of anyone else who's a bigger idiot than i am!

oh.. n these classmates of mine have already started writting their dissertation, while i'm not even trying to figure out wat i'm gonna write on for 6ooo words excluding the references and damned figures and tables and figure legends!

so, wat do i do instead of looking for a job/working on my dissertation/packing? i watch every season of Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives and Hannah Montana and every possible movie! so wat if its such an idiotic movie like Love Guru! as long as i dont have to get off this uncomfortable chairs, i'll stay put n watch anything 24/7. btw, i dont think Meredith Grey is pretty at all.. i think she looks like she's had plastic surgery and its melting off, especially around her upper lip

i'll see if i can get hold of another chair like this in my new house next end of the month. n then we'll see how many movies i watch!

oh btw... yup.. i'm moving out again.. 3rd time in 8 months! n i've got stuff i cannot imagine i've managed to accumulated so soon. i'm gonna have to hire ppl to carry it downstairs from my current 3rd floor apartment and upstairs to my new 3rd floor flat, and pay for 5 cabs at least... oh n did i mention there's no lift?! how cool is my life!

my joggin was supposed to have started on the 8th of June. today is the 18th of June. nope, hasnt started.. hey i'm too busy watching stuff off the internet okay!

i bought four rich chocolate muffins at 3.30pm today and finished it by 4pm today. no wonder i felt sick after that. i thought peanut butter would help... half d bottle of crunchy peanut butter didnt help at all

i'm at the phase again where i dont wanna look at my face in the mirror cos this time i think my skin is allergic to something but i dont know wat and i havent changed anything that i put on my face so i really dont know wat, but this new face of mine looks like its gonna stay for some time. as if feeling like a 30 year old isnt enough, my face has to start showing like its 40 year old! can i wear a mask around everyday and pretend i'm in some drama??

u know ..i dont get it... how is it that when i'm watching a movie, i'm wide awake.. but d minute i start reading some journlas or articles i fall asleep flat on my face?!

i've got hundreds of pics in my folder waitint to be sorted out. for that matter..i've got hundreds of things in my comp that needs to be sorted out.

i'm sick of staring at the same four walls. i wanna go somewhere on a holiday.

life is perfect! wat more can i ask for!


Abirami Dhurga said...

HAHAHAHA!hey loosu,wat r u doing,sitting here and complaining abt urself?go and sleep u silly girl!!

Arv said...

the weather and seasons need us to get used to it over there... and now, being away from it... I miss it so :)

I hate the moving tasks... they are too demanding :P

do take care... have a nice day :)

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

ABi: ahahha.. i had so much more to complain but was too busy watching Grey's Anatomy, so i stopped halfway :P

Arv: i hate moving because of all the packing! :(

Chriz said...

the daily rants of chumi... :)

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

which is becoming too often lately

Ghoswriter said...

Nice blog lol! A woman after my own heart!! Do feel free to check out my novel which details the goings on in Dubai that not many people get to read about at:

Looking forward to your comments!


The Yaz said... least you are staying out of trouble.

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

Ghostwriter: will drop by soon!

The Yaz: eermm.. for now i am.. LOL

The Yaz said...

OMG...Letchu, you should read DESPERATE IN DUBAI. I'm so hooked on it. It's really good and also nice to know that there are people out there going through (almost) the same stuff as me. hehe. Scandalous. I love it. Oh, and please don't get into trouble, it's fun and exciting but not all that good. LOL.