Wednesday, June 24, 2009


d first ever tag in this blog...

i've never really been a tagging/tagged person before.. but this one sounds like fun (until i start making fun of myself!). n since its sort of a virtual bday present from Maidinmalaysia, i thought i'd just do it. MiM, i'm not letting u get away with just this, u still owe me d payasam when i'm back the next time! LOL (n shame on u to all those who didnt wish me! hhmmpp!! *pprrrbbt*)

I am awesome because i'm a pint sized wonder! my friend's mum nicknamed me that a couple of weeks ago when she 1st saw me cos that's wat i am. i might look tiny n petite (which i am not anymore! boohoo!), but i speak like a bullet train, i'm capable of handling things better than a grown up adult, .. bla bla bla.. in short .. i'm a pint sized wonder ;) it says it all... which leads to my other awesomeness

I am awesome because of my ability to arrange/organize stuff. during my 1st year of undergrad, i was stuck in a nun's hostel (i dont mean to sound ungrateful, i met some good friends there, and learned a lot about life and ppl.. it wasnt d best years i've had-to put it mildly), a friend of mine was hopeless in taking care of herself or her things-i organized her book shelves, clothes cupboard and accessories cupboard within a few minutes (i was itching to do it ever since i saw that pig sty replica!! ). and a couple of months ago, i organized my ex-flatmate's kitchen for her .. again within a few minutes! *ahem..lifts up collar*. there's more, but i wont bore u to death.i'm a freak when it comes to arranging/organizing/sorting things out!

I am awesome because i'm a survivor. i've been through heaven, hell, earth ... literally whatever anyone can throw at me .. and survived it all with grace n make d best out of it. throw me in a village and when i walk out from it i'll be like one of them, throw me in Queen Elizabeth's palace and i'll walk out from it like i was born n i'll displace Queen Elizabeth herself! that's how i've managed all these years of being in different countries every few months. the change of accent in each country wasnt one of my favourites but hey, it has its own advantages at the end of the day

I am awesome because i can understand and speak many languages and not many ppl know about my hidden talents! AHAHAH*evil laugh*! some of my 'friends' thought i dont understand their language, and they were happily bitching about me while i was there minding my own business (in their own language of course), and turned as white as ghosts when i answered them back!! HAHAHH... that was a sight! nope, they never dared to speak about me in front of me ever since! and most of the time i just hang around like i'm deaf to a certain language, but in reality i understand it! but the biggest joke about understanding some languages and not being able to voice it out correctly is when i asked to borrow a scissors saying, "Kya scissors bohoth busy hai?" ("is the scissors busy?".. wat d hell was i thinking!)

I am awesome because i've moved 3 houses in 8 months. (going to move to the 3rd flat this weekend and am packing up now) i literally have to stuff an elephant into a box half as big as me n multiply that by 10 boxes. that's how much i managed to accumulate. but i've managed to do it as good as almost perfect each time. n have done it before a few years back-from my hostel to a friends house n from my friends house back to Malaysia (if i've managed to accumulate 10 boxes of elephants in 8 months, u can imagine how much i owned at the end of 3 years). i think i'll make a good housewife... but i dont want to be a housewife

I am awesome because i'm 26 years old today, and to date i've managed to keep my dignity, my pride, my virginity, and myself intact and safe... of course it isnt all by myself but because of God and my parents.

I am awesome because i am who i am. i cannot and will not change myself just because someone else is not satisfied with me. i have no needs to change at all, cos i am a perfect combination of everything-the good, the bad, the meek, the fierce, the bold, the coward, the daring soul, the heartless, the compassionate, the procrastinator, the alert(dont laugh! i am at times.. when absolutely necessary..), . some ppl might say this is arrogance, but i think i'm highly blessed, and i am fearfully and wonderfully made my God himself. I'm one of a kind, and proud of it!

i tag whoever who stumbles upon this blog, those who comment, n those who dont.. i know there are loads of u silent readers out there. if u dont have a blog of ur own, leave it in the comment box... dont worry, this isnt a 1000 word essay.. even short point forms will do. i'm an exceptional case who cant make a point short n sweet.


Chriz said...

kudos to u for all the good things that god has done to you... in this life.. you are awesome indeed..

god bless you girl.. more and more

maidinmalaysia said...

awesomely done... chumi!
i didn't realise you were SO ORGANISED. am a little wary of you now:-)

Abi said...

happy birthday darling sis!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.
So what languages do you speak? malay? tamil?

I am never letting you se emy junk drawer, you would be itching to line everything up.

Charu/Shine said...

Chummi... Well said... well put..(organised in writing tooo)... and everythin is SO TRUE..( lived with u 2 almost 2 yrs... kno dat...
nice nice..:):):):)


it took a while 4 me to understand ya... but end of de day.. i really thankd GOd 4 u as MY friend..:):) Love ya...

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

Chriz: thank u! n i wanna see u do this tag!

MiM: ahahhaaha... worried that the flinger in u wouldnt be able to cope up?! LOL

Abi: thank u! remember wat i wanted from niv??

Asaaan: i speak, read, n write in Eng, Malay n Tamil... n d other languages r private n confidential! LOL
its called a junk drawer for a purpose.. but yea.. i'd be itching! :P

Charu: ahahahha..! especially the arranging part? btw, i'm still waiting for ur call!