Monday, July 21, 2008


have u seen this movie yet??

not yet???!!! wat r u waiting for!! go watch it!!!! it is a must watch movie!!!

its a very brilliant story line.. n kamal has done his homework so well... expect for a little bit of camera tricks n computer graphics that wasnt all that great compared to the others in d movie. i'm not going to tell u about d movie n spoil it for u....

but there's one tiny little information i've got for u... there's gonna be a remake of this movie with a totally new group of casts with similar settings!!!

i cant tell u too much about it rite now... but can share with u a small bit of it

there's this scene in the d movie with asin.....where kamal forces her to jump 0ff d train cos the villain was following them.. but she simply refuses to.. cos she's so worried she'll get hurt....

here's preview pic of d remake version:

ok ok... i'll tell u who d heroin is......

thats our sherline ann andrew for u!!!!!!

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