Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is a boring post.. u can hit the 'pass' button if u want...... or maybe not...

Yesterday was Friday, and i was happy cos it was already the weekend.

Today is Saturay, and i'm not all that happy even though its d weekend!

all my plans for bungee jumping and go-karting this weekend just went down the drain... sigh.. but i'm definitely gonna do it by hook or by crook!!

Chumi tells self, "it's ok Chumi.. it's just once in a lifetime thing. you'll never be able to go bungee jumping ever again if u dont do it this time. so wat if it's a 170 feet jump? there's no point regeting missing the 50feet jump in Bangalore last year. u didnt want to jump off a crane in d middle of a dead, ugly looking field, filled with so-called rock stars and rockers wannabes speaking in screwed up slangs and smelling like they had just their bath in a bucket of beer. this is ur opportunity babe... just think about it.. beutiful scenenary, awesome weather (eer... 170feet above groud level... u'd better wear thick clothes or else u'd falls off d crane even before u hear '3, 2, 1, bungee' cos of excessive shivering!)... oh, come on... u remember how d video looked like rite...? go have a look at d video again if u want.... eermm.. no i think thats a bad idea...ok forget about d video. just thinking about how much u've been dying to bungee all this years n u finally get d permission, nvm if its because ur mum doesnt know that its 170 feet in Glasgow n not 50 feet like every other sane places would have! it's high time u just do it n get over with it alrite. u'll be happy u did it in d end!"

so, i'm still waiting for the bungee jumping thing.. which obviously isnt happening this weekend (eer.. thank God for that?? )


i wasnt particularly busy busy throughout the week.. but i was expected to be cos i had a hectic i had to make myself busy. had to forgo proper sleep and proper meals... (which reminds me that i forgot to have lunch today.. like i did a few times in d last week). so when it was finally friday, i thought i could sleep till anytime i wanted to like it was nobody's business... but my biological clock wouldnt let me have it that way! of all the nights...last nite was d most restless one! sigh...


It's my mum's bday today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!

this is d fourth year i'm away from home for her bday. i got her something for her bday, but i dont know how i'm gonna send it over cos i send her some stuff in oct by post/parcel, but she never got it! i'm not willing to send these stuff through post/parcel again this time! anyone from UK/Scotland going back to Malaysia anytime in d near future??


its such nice weather today after such a long time... but thats because i'm staying indoors... if i were to get dresses and go out, i bet u it'll start raining! its as if d weather has something against me u know! thats was happened last week for 3 days in a row! i had planned to go to d lib on friday evening last week cos i had an essay due on tues and i hadnt even started it. when i looked out d window at 4.30pm, it was already dark but it wasnt raining. so i bundled myself up in layers n layers of clothes cos i didnt want me fever n cold to get even worse than it already was. n then i grabbed my laptop n books and when i reached downstairs at 4.40pm... guess wat...? it was raining cats n dogs!! i couldnt go to d lib that day... ! d exact same thing happened again on saturday, sunday and monday!! it was as if everything was against me in finishing my essay!

if i were to get dressed n go out now.. i bet u d clouds will turn gloomy all of a sudden n start raining!


It;s Chinese New Year this week.. Happy Chinese New Year guys! i dont even feel like its CNY here... oh speaking of CNY... one of my flatmate has already come! he moved in on monday, i saw him on tuesday evening for 2 minutes, then saw him again on wednesday evening for another 2 minutes, and saw him and his gf for another 2 minutes on friday, and saw his gf on friday nite at 20 seconds cos she knocked on my door to give me some grapes! hahhaha.. so sweet of her!

My flatmate is Javen, from China. i was hoping that he'd be cute, and speaks proper English.. but he's neither. he has this nerdy look and his nerdy glasses arent helping much, and he doesnt speak good English (though he was in liverpool for quite some time doing language). i wasnt particularly hoping that he'd be single.. but he obviously isnt. hahaha! his gf is a cute, pleasant. When i first saw her, i was like 'oh no... its gonna be weird having couples around me all d time... ' but if Joyce continues giving me grapes and foodstuff, then i'm happy having her around! LOL ahahahahha!!

anyways, on a serious note... did u know that all graped in Glasgow are seedless??!! i was so overjoyed when i figured it out a few days ago! when i was in a friend's house some time back, there were grapes on d table, but i didnt take it cos i thought it would have seeds. (i like grapes, but i hate it when it has seeds. even at home, if my mum accidentally buys d seeded grapes, i will not even have one of it). n then there were a few occasions where ppl served grapes. i usually wait until someone else takes it first, if i see them happily munching on it without having to spit out d seeds, i'll help myself to d grapes too. i was so paranoid with seeds in grapes that one time, i was even thinking if ppl here actually eat grapes with the seed as well cos i've never seen seeded grape before! hhahahahha. when Joyce gave me some grapes last nite, i slowly bit into on thinking that there might be seeds in it.. but there werent! so i've come to a conclusion that grapes in Glasgow doesnt have seed n now i have no restrictions! yays!!! :D

but because its expensive... i'm only gonna have grapes when someone offers me! :P hahhahah


i am yet to see my 3rd flatmate... i wonder how she's gonna be like... i hope she doesnt have a bf who walks about the place in his shorts n makes a lot of noise!


this is so pathetic... i have d weekend off n i dont know wat to do!!

i'm gonna grab some lunch n watch a movie... i hope i find a good movie. i'll hit myself with watever i can get hold of if i watch a pathetic movie!

have a great weekend u guys.. ( half ur weekend would have been over by now for some of u though)

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