Saturday, January 10, 2009

too many things running on my mind now

I've been trying to pack all my things since last nite, and i ahvent even managed to get at least half of it packed! i have absolutely no clue how i managed to get so many things within 3 months! trust me to manage with wat i can n i end up buying every.single.thing i need!! sigh..

I hate packing! :( unpacking isnt so bad actually...) i seriously dont know how to stuff everything in the suitcases and bags that i have. tomorrow i'll have to go n buy a bag as big as me, or even bigger!


I've got a test on monday, and i ahvent even bothered to flip through my notes yet! i'm so screwed..i keep thinking of skipping this test, cos the marks are not included's just a practice test... but i'm feeling guilty... i should have been studying properly while i was in Manchester, but all i did was eat, sleep, watch tv n read novels for goodness sake!


I cant wait to move in to my new place on monday!! :D though my other 2 flatmates are gonna be China men... it doesnt matter! i'm hardly gonna be out my room... so, i dont think i'll see them very often....


i found quite a lot of mess and rubbish and unwanted stuff while packing and unpacking.. i dont even know how those papers got here...


I'm starving now.. i havent eaten anything else other than cereals this morning. i cant cook cos i didnt buy anything to cook... cos i dont want to have to pack all that foodstuff as well... i could have bought sandwich though while i was out rite... y didnt i even thinking of that..? sheesh!

oh... come to think of it.. i actually had noodles for lunch in my friend's place.. which i forgot cos my stomach's growling as if i havent eaten in 3 days!


I could have gone back to Malaysia for Christmas and New Year break. mum wouldnt have said no, if i asked her.. now i'm tempted to go back next month... but i dont have any break next month... sigh..

so many ppl from here going back to Malaysia.. i also wanna go!!!!!!!!! :(


i should have started studying at least one lecture about 2 hour ago, but i fell asleep in front of d comp!

all i know for now is that i'm so screwed on monday


i cant wait for monday cos i'm moving out! when i got drenched big time today, i pacified myself by saying that this is gonna be d second last time i'll ever have to walk like this... come tuesday, i can wake up and 9am and run to class by 9.25am, n i still wont be late! hehehh!


i think i should feed my stomach something... otherwise my next door neighbour will hear the protest that my tummy has decided to take up...


Gonna epilate myself in a short while..... i can already feel the pain!!!! 0 _ 0

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