Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is not an advert for Colgate... quite the contrary i suppose

when i was in primary school... probably about 7 or 8 years of age, i had some cousins in London. ( i had and still have cousins all over the world.. but this post is only relevant to those who were in London at that time.

This was in 1991/1992... at that time Malaysia was still sort of backward rite... and compared to London.... there's no need for comparison at all... the answer is so obvious! LOL

when my cousins used to come back to Malaysia for their summer break... they always have something really high tech and cute and the really canggih canggih stuff la... which cannot be found in Malaysia at that time... (actually.. till now also none la... ). it's a known fact that i'm a tech junkie (it doesnt matter even if i dont know how to fully make use of it) and i adore anything cute and unique and different from the ordinary (it means the same as unique... i just wanna stress the fact that it was unique n i was fascinated with it! :P)

The one thing that caught my eye n attention was their toothpaste. it was Colgate.. .nothing special in that.. but it was the container and dispenser that i was fascinated with. d kind of toothpaste dispenser we get in Malaysia is d boring tube thing... but d kind that they had was d bottle thing! it was so cool! n it had coloured toothpaste in it too!!! i remember d ones my cousins brought was blue and red in colour.. there was one which was blue n white striped also, n another one was plain blue n plain red... n it was d gel kinds u know... if u take a drop on ur finger n look through it u can see d other side (so wat its all smudged up n blury.. u can still see d other side!)!!

i was 7 or 8 at that time... so naturally i was fascinated la!

n then i eventually forgot about it as the years passed by. last week, i had to buy toothpaste cos the one which i brought from home was finishing already. and i had to get shampoo as well... so i went to Somerfield after class. n guess wat! i saw d toothpaste just like d one my cousins used to have n show off with!!! i was so excited when i saw that n started smiling to myself thinking of d nonsense i used to do to use that toothpaste (like brush my teeth in the morning, afternoon n at night, before and after meals, and even after i wake up from my nap in the afternoon! it wasnt even a nap... i just used to pretend that i was sleeping so that i could 'wake up' n brush my teeth again! ssshh... dont tell anyone k! hahahhahha)

one guy passed me at that time n gave me a weird look when he saw me smilling at toothpastes! :P

no prizes for guessing wat happened next... i bought the colgate toothpaste which was the bottle dispenser kind and happily walked back to my room smilling all the way! when i reached my room, i immediately wanted to brush my teeth, it was 3pm! hahhahha ( d kindda petty things that fascinates me... sigh... hahahha)

everything after that wasnt all that pleasant! i dont know if i dont know how to use that thing or if that thing is spoiled! every morning when i wake up... brushing my teeth is a battle! cos d stupid bottle wouldnt work properly!!! i've got to fight with it every morning so that d tooth paste would come out!

so much for technology! i'm sticking to d old, classic, trustworthy tube toothpaste from now on onwards! (or at least after i finish getting out all the toothpaste from this bottle.. i spent 2.15pounds~RM11.82~RS172 on that!!)

I'm gonna punish it by letting it stand upside down tonite n see if it behaves itself tomorrow morning!!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAH,i like the last part!letting it stand upside down it seems!chumi chumi!

Chumi said...

hahahha :P

but it still isnt working even when i let it stand upside down la!

2.15 pounds man!! :S

**HOPE** said...

geez...i don't think they had that even in the US!! no doubt they had some tubular thingamajic toothpaste, but nothing as cool as this! so cool, it refused to cooperate with a simpleton like you. gotta love the UK.

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...