Wednesday, January 14, 2009

how can i survive with limited internet usage!!??

i'm limited to only some 10 GB download/upload per calender month!! i dont know how many hours that will last me.. but it sounds as if its not enough! i'm so used to having my comp switched on whenever i'm in my room, and all my msn, yahoo, skype and google talk is always logged in... now i cant do that... :( i need to find out how many hour 10GB can last me

anyways, moving on to the hot topic of the week... I've moved in to my new place!!!!!!!!!!! YAYSSS!!!! i'm so happy!!

i should write down a comparison of how it was in Winton Drive and how it is in Cooperage Place now in a table form! but i couldnt be bothered with tables now... hahahha....

d past 2 days i've been walking to class with a big smile plastered on my face cos it's only 5 minutes to my dept!! exactly 5 minutes u know!! i wake up at 8.30am and get ready, ahve breakfast, prepare lunch and yet i'm still very early to class at least by about 10 minutes! last month i used to wake up at 8.15am, and bruch my teeth, change clothes, wear my running shoes, grab my jacket, gloves, and scarf and run out of of my room at 8.30am, and by the time i reach my class at 9.30am on the dot.. i'll be huffing and puffing and panting!! forget about breakfast and lunch.. there simply wasnt anytime at all! even if i did miraculously wake up a wee bit earlier just in time to grab something to eat.. i'll be starving by the time i reach class. but this morning i had cereals and milk for breakfast, and i wasnt hungry till past 2pm!!!

i've got my own freaking bathroom in my room!!! now i dont need to carry all my shower cream, shampoo and oil bottles to the bathroom every morning or evening when i want to have my bath. and i dont have to think twice before running out of the bathroom in my towel (like i used to while in Winton Drive cos my current room in en-suite! sweet isnt it!!! :D

i've got this huge study table and a book shelf that can carry all my notes and books and paper works!! i'm hoping this table doesnt become as messy as d one in Winton Drive.. cos there i sued to dump everything on the table cos there just wasnt any space to keep everything neatly.

oh oh.. n d best part of the room is that it's got this huge 4 door ceiling to floor cupboards!!! and there are so many shelves in it as well!! i've dedicated on side of it entirely for all my jackets and scarfs and shoes.

and the shelved side of the cupboard is for all my clothes. i've sorted my clothes out in separate order.. like one pile for sweat shirts, another pile for cardigans, another one for lighter jackets, my jeans in one stack, formal shirts in one, t-shirts in one row, casual clothes in another row, undergarments and socks in another, and u know i could even keep all my bags in one row and still have another row left for extra stuff!!! isnt this just amazing! LOL. and my stuicases and luggage bags have been neatly packed away in the upper compartment of d cupboard! i'm still very amazed by d fact that this cupboard could store everything inside it.. unlike d pathetic two door cupboard that i had in Winton Drive.. it didnt even have any hangers, or shelved in it! i had to keep all my clothes in my suitcase for 3 whole months!!

and the kitchen is so loveable! it has this breakfast table sort of thing.. just like d one i have at home in Malaysia.. and it's so clean! could be because there's no one in this flat at the moment or its just that ppl here are naturally clean and tidy. i'd prefer it to be the latter!

I went food shopping yesterday and happily blew all the cash that i had and couldnt carry those things back, ended up calling a cab to come back. and then i had to make 3 trips up and down the stairs to carry everything to my flat ( i live on the 3rd floor now). and then i happily arranged my stuff in a few cupboards which were convenient for me and am yet to cook actually... (which i have to do if i dont wanna waste my vegetables ). and i told myself that i wont go to Morrisons again for another month, cos what i bought last nite could feed a small part of the third world country!!

Oh, i forgot to compare my current kitchen and d one i had to share previously. well, there's nothing great about the previous kitchen, except for the fact that i had some very nice flatmates who kindly let me use their vessels and gave me food when i was starving. the kitchen itself was horrible. it was never clean. i didnt bother cleaning it like i would in my own kitchen (not that i have before.. ), but one of my other flatmate did... and it never lasted for more than 3 hours. someone else would walk in and dirty it! when i got back from Manchester last week, the kitchen in Winton Drive looked like it was hit by a hurricane or earth quake!!

i'm sure by now u can make out that i'm very very happy with my current place!

there's a few teeny weeny things that i'd prefer were otherwise like d internet and a landline ( i dont have a landline in my room.. and i know that d calls that i receive are gonna reduce cos i dont have a landline anymore to receive cals... )sigh... but i dont mind it at all as long as its near my dept!

and i'm gonna be missing a few of my ex-flatmates... the one who is tone deaf and that one who is a snob are obviously not in the list! ahhaha...

when i had to pack all my stuff and shift from Winton Drive to Cooperage Place, it was my friends there who helped me carry everything from my 2nd floor flat downstairs to the taxi, and upstairs to my current room in the 3rd floor.. i didnt even lay a finger of my big luggages cos i knew i wont be able to carry it at all. poor thing, my friend had to go up and down the stairs some 5 or 6 times to bring everything upstairs for me, and he was so tired and grasping for breath by d time he was done... if it wasnt for me.. i dont think i'd have managed to get all my stuff in my room even till today! hahahhah

so, all is well and good now... almost perfect i'd say... except that now i dont have any excuse not to study! hahahhah

this term has just started two days ago and its looking really hectic already... i'm gonna have to start working my ass off to pay off for all the rubbish that i had to go through before coming here... and i've got to save up my internet time, otherwise i'll have to be walking up to the hospital to use d net there in the middle of d nite, and i hate to use other comps other than mine... sigh.. got to learn to cut down my internet time now...

before i log off... here's my change in address ( i dont think it matters... but i'd like to think that ppl wanna know my add cos they think of me and send me some things of letters and greetings at least.. )

(my name),
19 Cooperage Place,
Flat 3.2, Room 2,
G3 8QP

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