Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sometimes i appear to look as if i'm looking for excuses for my mum to disown me!

1) i still havent gotten another phone. i spend hours n hours looking at phones n trying to find a good one for a reasonable price but cant find any. when i go to phone shops, i get so tempted looking at all d new ones n d high tech ones!! y is it that no one has an extra phone that they r willing to lend it to me.. :( i'm d one who;s always helping others, but when i need help there's no one there for me :( i'm wasting so much time cos of this. i've finally come to my senses n decided that it's a totaly waste for me to get a contract phone now, cos i wont be able to use my bank acc anwyays (not that i have one to begin with. d stupid RBS is still not doing anything!!). so, by next sunday, if i dont get any phone from anyone.. i'm gonna go n get myself a 10 pound phone n hope it works properly!!

2) I went to Lloyds bank today to open a new acc. (i'm fed up with RBS, and i want to have nothing to do with them! ) d manager who helped me out today was an indian i think... n he was extra 'caring n helpful'! i wonder y?! :S anyways, when i was leaving d bank after he took down my necessary details... i sort of embarassed him! i didnt intend to be rude... it's just that he put his hand out to shake hands when i was already turning.. .i already opened the door when i realized that he wanted to shake hands. i cant let go of the door and shake his hand rite.. cos he immediately put his hand down already... i felt bad while i was walking back. now i wonder if he'd keep his promise and process my acc as soon as possible. if i dont get a call from him in 2 day's time as he promised..i'll know that he took it personally. then i'll have to call him n find out wats happening... sigh..

3) tomorrow i'm gonna put up a count down calender. i've got exactly one month to my exams. i've never had a practice exam .. this is gonna be my 1st ever postgrad exam in a foreign country and i already know that i'm screwed!! i havent read a single thing! i was supposed to start studying a few weeks ago. i obviously did not start... ok, that doesnt matter. i told myself i'll start in feb.. nope.. i didnt. then i told myself i'll start in today... no.. i still havent started it. infact, todat i wanted to do a lot of things.. but i havent done any at all!!!! i think i should patent the word 'procrastination'. or better still....wikipedia should revise its website and put my pic for the word procrastitaion!

4) i've got some pics that i wanna upload here. but d bluetooth wouldnt work n i dont know y. i havent transferred pics from my phone in ages! dell here is really expensive... so there's no way i can call up dell and ask them for help. this laptop has given me problems ever since i got it. on d same note.. there r loads of super cool portable notebooks that are available here on contract basis! and i'm dying to get my hands on them! it's d small ones u know.. they super cute!!! my mum would definitely not hesitate to disown me if i even accidentally mention d words 'changing' and 'laptop' in 2 completely irrelevant sentences!! so, i;ve been very careful not to say things like that while talking to her. i'll just have to wait till this bluetooth works.. n then i can transfer those pics n put it up. i have loads of other pics in my comp as well that i want to put up here... but i wanna put those in my phone 1st!!

5) some of my friends have managed to establish the fact that i can cook! so, now i've got to think of some malaysian dish to cook for my Brit friends on the 8th of March. sigh.. i cannot be and will not be domesticated!! but i'll put aside that moto of mine for sometime n think of how to impress my friends..

6) talking about domestic..... i just remembered that i've been working on a post since dec last year... but sort of abandoned it cos i forgot that i was working on it! i'll get back to working on it n post it ASAP ... if i remember about it in d near future... that is a 'must publish' post ... cos i need something to remind me of how i've changed so drastically in such short time!

7) tomorrow i MUST start studying! i wanted to go to d lib everyday to study... cos if i sit at home... all i do it stuff myself with food and rot in front of my comp! but unfortunately.. i chose to punch a hole through my matriculation ID and now i cant get into d lib! i always thought that d bar code in my matriculation ID was d one that was important when i had to go to d lib.. cos i thought d machines only read that... only last week i found out that d whole damned card had a computerized chip inside it and i ruined it by punching a hole in it. that destroyed d whole chip. now i got to pay 10 pounds to get myself another matriculation ID, otherwise i wont be able to go to d lib ever again! i borrowed a friend's ID last week and went to d lib. but guess wat, i couldnt log in to d computers using my own matriculation number! how smart can these ppl get uh?

8) i'm really hoping i didnt piss off d Llyod's bank manager today... i really need a bank acc ASAP. i cant stand d torture of going to d bank again n again n not getting my acc opened... :(

9) my life is so very pathetic at the moment. i've made appointment for myself this weekend. friday nite, saturday nite and sunday i'm gonna be dead busy... dont try n make any appointment with me this weekend k.. cos i'm fully booked and i'm up to my neck with those dates who have been haunting me for ages now. I'll be spending my weekend in the lib with the bloody Cystic Fibrosis!

10) anyone know where i can go buy a life...? for free preferably...

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