Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have a date with my Valentine tonite... wat r u guys doing?

Happy Valentine's Day guys!!! have a great one!

Initially i didnt want to make a big hu-ha about this year's valentine.. but then i thought y not. since the whole world celebrates it...i am going to celebrate it too with my valentine

we thought of going out for dinner tonite. but thought against it cos every good restaurant was too hiked up and fully booked,plus we didnt want to attract too much attention to ourselves. so we decided to have it in doors.

since i'm an aspiring cook and a very good one at creating things i dont even know it happened... we decided that i'd just cook and we can have a romantic candle light dinner at home. but he cant tolerate candle. he says it makes him melt. so i'm giving up on the candles as well. i mean... candles means nothing at all as long as u have ur loved one with u rite.

he was supposed to help me with the cooking.... but that doesnt look like it might work out cos he's allergic to fire and smoke and heat. so, i'm gonna be doing it on my own... it really doesnt matter... i always cook on my own.. so no biggie in that.

we thought we'd dress up like we were going to a ball or something. i was already planning in my head on wat dress to wear, which heels would match it, how i should do my hair and wat kind of make up to put on.... when he said that he might not fit into his tuxedo or coats... cos he's gained 'a wee bit' of pounds here and there. it's not about the dress .. or tuxedo and coat in this matter... it's about having ur loved one with u isnt it.... so.. no dressing up...

i told him that he could at least make up for all that by getting me flowers when he comes at nite... he said he'd try.. cos it's really difficult for him to move around too much freely cos he doesnt want to spoil other ppl's nite as well.... u know him being so famous n all.... he doesnt like too much attention.... i'll have to learn to get used to it...

no over priced dinner, no candle light romantic dinner at home, no dressing up, and no help in cooking, might not be any flowers too.... we're just going to have dinner in my place... i hope he doesnt tell me that he cant move from his place... i really wouldnt want to have dinner with him in front of the whole Cooperage community!

Meet my Valentine!

Do tell me wat u guys have been up to and how ur valentine was... i promise not to throw tantrums or whine about my 'date' or curse u under my breath for having such a great time with a great (real) partner ... ! *brownie promise*


**HOPE** said...

your date is so HOT!! aren't you lucky.

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

tell me about being lucky!

Chriz said...

haha... he just melts when he is next to you

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

hahah! i thought as much too! he couldnt handle being with me! LOL