Friday, February 20, 2009

u can't live with them, u can't live without them!

If u have a tall, dark, handsome, gorgeous hunk, who'd make a perfect husband/boyfriend material on one side and a fancy, latest, mobile phone on another side and ask me to choose.......

i'd choose d mobile phone!

yea, i'm that materialistic! i've already spoke about how materialistic i am ... so let's not even get there... let's just focus on d mobiles phones for now k... i need another mobile phone.

end of story!

before u throw accusations at me... i'm not dying for another latest model mobile phone.. just any phone would do given my current situation.

d simcard that i have now is very good for international calls but isnt all that great for local calls... its like so expensive to call or msg anyone in UK... n i definitely cant afford to use this number for local calls for any longer than i've managed so far... thats y i need another phone to accommodate another simcard...

i've spent hours n hours trying to find d right plan/simcard and i'm left with these two options now :

1) O2 has a very good offer for only a simcard. you'll have to pay 20 pounds a month for 600 minutes talktime and 1200 texts, and with an additional of either unlimited weekend calls, unlimited landline, unlimited text, unlimited web or unlimited wifi. i'd natually choose unlimited weekend calls. this plan is only for a month.. so if i were to cancel this contract, i only need to give one month's notice, and i wont have to pay too much extra if i were to cancel it halfway through or something like that. but the problem with this simcard is that it's only the sim card. i need another phone to use that number. i cant use my current phone for the new number cos i dont intend to cancel my current number. all of UK has my current number now, n this number is very cheap for international calls, and i had to pay extra just for the sim card... so there;s no way i'm getting rid of this number.

i tried asking so many ppl if they have any extra phone that i could borrow for sometime... but no one had any... so i had to come up with a second option

2) Vodafone has very good offers for pay-monthly-plans. i'll have to pay 25 pounds per month, and i get one of the latestest phones (Touch screen, smart phone, pda phone, even nokia 5800 xpress, u name it... its all there), 600 minutes talktime and unlimited msges. d problem with this plan is that it's a 24 month contract and i'll need a solid bank account and balance in my bank acc. i dont even have a proper bank account to start with, forget about being able to pay about 100 or 200 pounds as deposit! and d biggest drawback is that if i have to cancel my contract in between the 24 months, i'll have to pay up d remaining balance in full!!

i like option 1 cos d benefits r really good, no strings attached, no deposits, no suffocating contracts, and no phone also... so there;s no point getting that...

i like option 2 cos i get to use d coolest phones ever (which would cost like 200-300 pounds if i were to buy d phone on its own) for only 25 pounds a month. but i dont have enough money for deposits and i dont have a proper bank acc... n i feel guilty

if i were to choose option 1, i'll have to buy another mobile phone on my own... that's gonna be costing me at least another 50 pounds(for an ordinary phone). i'll get to keep the phone, i'll get a good call/text plan. but i'll feel even more guilty and i dont think i'll be satisfied cos i'd be dreaming about the other touch screen phones!

sigh.... would u have even imagined that there would be so much of dilemma in buying a phone or even a simcard! if only the irresponsible RBS didnt mess up my account and stole my money... i wouldnt have had to think so much!

n i really dont know wat to do for my serious disorder! i cant control myself when i look at phones! i was perfectly alrite all this while u know. i got a new phone in June, and i told myself i'm gonna keep it for longer than a year this time.. especially cos its a bday present... n look at me now... it's only been 8 months, and i'm already dying for another phone! sometimes i wonder if i'll ever realize the seriousness of spending .. or rather saving ....

anyone has an extra phone that u can spare for me... at least till april of may? i promise to shut myself up n just get d simcard and use any phone that i can get hold of ..regardless of the size and shape...i wont complain even if it is as big as a walkie talkie or landline cordless phone. .....

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