Saturday, March 17, 2007

NO! not again!!!

Everytime i try to install something ...something goes wrong with my comp!!!!

d whole afternoon of yesterday i was trying to load some songs in my friend's ipod... for that i had to load that stupid itune thing...transfer d songs to d itune lib n then transfer it to d ipod....i did everything correctly till transfering d songs to d lib in itunes...but i didnt know how to tranfer it to d ipod...nothing seemed to be working out...!! i got so irritated n i ended up with a i decided to take a break...

n then in d evening when i logged in to d homepage was changed to some stupid quicknews thing... i have absolutely no clue how n when that happened!! so, i went to d internet options to change it back to my yahoo homepage...n guess wat... it wouldnt work!!!

d options to change d home page is completely blocked!! i tried virus scan, i uninstalled itunes... i didnt everything i possibly know ...but its not working...

someone pls help me!! i dont want that silly thing as my home page....n as i'm typing yahoo msger is giving some stupid problem as well!!! aarrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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