Thursday, March 1, 2007

fun, progressive n blessed day!

Yesterday was an example of a very blessed day. it was a combination of lazyness, fun, progress and blessings.

We were late for class as usual in d morning..and since i had practicals d 1st hour, i was practically running to the lab. when i reached d lab, all my classmates were walking out d lab....apparently we were supposed to go to d audi for some science feast inauguration lecture. Since my college's main audi was under re-construction, we all had to gather in d smaller audi...which is next to impossible to fit everyone in....a lot of girls were standing outside...some of my friends and i escaped from there and went to out normal spot.

My friend and i decided to go back home cos we heard that there wont be any classes for the day. on our way back, we stopped in a shop for chocolate mousse and sinful chocolate ( choco cake with ice cream and extra toppings). it was so so yummy!!!! heehhehe....

by the time we reached home it was almost 11am i think. i was meddling with my keyboard for a while. i had promised my friend that i'd play keyboard for a i had to friend joined me after some time....we spent such a long time for one song....cos we were fooling around as usual....but that song turned out quite nice anyways......i finally finished practicing for all d songs at about 4.30.

while i was getting ready to go for d mass, i received a call from and i had to go else where and that was really really unavoidable, which means i wont be able to make it to d mass in which i was supposed to play keyboard. i culdnt even imagine how my friend would react if i were to tell her that i had to go somewhere else.

My friend's face changed drastically when i told her that i wont be able to go with her...but because another friend was there ..things didnt get out of hand too much.... so, my friend went for d mass, n i was on my way to where i was supposed to go. while i was on my way there...i was getting confused on whether i should go or not...i was sort of walking back n forth...but in d end i did go...( d thing which made me go ahead was really hilarious !! hahaha..if u wanna know...ask me...i'll let u know personally...its a bit too silly to post it up here...heheh)

Anyway, in d end, i was really really happy that i did wat i was supposed to...i was really blessed that night.... met a few ppl whom i wouldnt have other wise...had certain conversation....i cant really explain everyting here...but it was a real blessing ....not just plain fun or watever.... and when i was on my way back home....i realized that d day was meant to be like that for me...and that it wasnt just coincidence that i didnt go for d mass but it was God's plan for me to be somewhere else. i was really happy thinking about that...but at d same time i was also upset and worried thinking bout d friend whom i had to ditch in d last minute.

But when i reached home....she came inright after me...and guess wat...she had a blessed day as well!! Thank God for that!! or else i cant imagine another misunderstanding!!

So, alls well, ends well.... :)

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