Friday, March 16, 2007

y r some ppl born to butter up 2 d others??!!

as if i dont have enough work to do in my hands rite now.....i've got another presentation to prepare for next week!!! n guess for which subject...add eng!!!! i dont believe this!!!

we were supposed to make some sort of lame presentation for add eng this week....its part of our internal assessment for this semester...n its supposed to be lame cos its add eng!! i mean....we have a lazy bum of d 1st order as our teacher n she gives marks as if she's distributing her family property to everyone ( believe me she's that greedy!! i wonder wat on earth she does with all our marks!! )

i wanted to finish off with this presentation thing as soon as possible so that i can do my other work in i told my group members to be prepared to do it today...n all of us were prepared...we were gonna talk about Abdul Kalam (he's India's current president...for those who didnt know) ..n we were going to read it out straight from d point reading it before hand n all that nonsense...cos no matter wat we do...we r not gonna get d marks we y waste time rite..??

d moment i stepped into class...i thought i was in d wrong class...cos i saw laptops n projectors!! wat d hell man!! that one jobless, show off group went to d extend of preparing a power point presentation!!! n my lazy bum of d 1st order teacher was so fascinated!! y wouldnt she ...?? cos, no one bothers to go to this extend for any of her work...n she does appreciate all this anyways...

if my group were to go n read our our info from d paper...i knew she would give us marks which is worth nothing at all!! so, we had to postpone it to next week...n in d mean time i have to think of an interesting topic which will interest my lazy bum of d 1st order teacher n prepare an outstandingly awesome power point presentation!! thanks a lot for nothing to d ppl who wanted to butter up to that lazy bum teacher!! i cant wait to get rid of her in d next semester!!

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