Tuesday, March 13, 2007

new phone new phone!! hehehhe

my mum agreed to let me buy a new phone!!!!!

infact....it was very easy!! i knew she would agree sooner or later....(my mum never says no to me...) but i didnt expect her to say OK as soon as i asked her (only once that too!!)

i guess she's fed up of impossing d "mobile phone r only for making calls n msging...y do u need camera, mp3, fm, n God knows watever in ur phone??" on me.... hehehe......

but she knew it was coming anyway.....i made her well prepared for it well ahead of time..... hahahha!! for almost one month now i've been telling her that my current phone is giving me problems... ( i didnt want to drop a nuclear bomb on her one fine day by telling her that i wanna change my phone again within 8 or 9 months!! )

my mum knows that i cant live with d same mobile phone for more than 10 months at d absolute maximum..... she already knew that when she bought this phone for me last year...hehehe....( i should have bought d same nokia which i lost..or else something like that....so that i would have kept it for at least a year without going nuts over mobile phones!! but i was too guilty to do that...so i settled for this one....n now i'm dying to change this phone already... :p )

anyways....that was very easy last nite....now i wonder how easy ( or difficult ) it is going to be to make my mum agree to let me buy d phone which i have in mind!! hahaha!!! she knows there's no stopping me from getting wat i want..... i just hope i dont have to make sacrifices to make her agree!! hehehe.....

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