Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Killer paper was really a KILLER

maybe not exactly a killer.. i think cut throat would be a better name.... or maybe both... it was just plain stupid and annoying!!

there are a hundreds of other important things in my big fat zoology text book that could have been asked... but NO!! thats not wat they'll ask...!! these lousy, lazy bum of d 1st order lecturers only know how to sit in an air conditioned room, n fill their stomach with food, n gossip about students and n give us good for nothing questions and let us suffer.. wat do they care about us anyways...

I'm getting so fed up with d education system la... i've had enough of it already!! i just cant wait to finish next year... after that i dont even wanna think about studying here or work here.... all we are expected to do is mug mug n mug up everything... where's d practical knowledge, where's d chance to practicalise wat we learn??

i'm sitting here like a zombie cos i had to wake up at 3 in d morning to revise! n wat do i get in return.. d lousy paper... lousy of d 1st order!!

i have another exam tomorrow... at least its only eng... so, kindda relaxing....

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