Tuesday, April 24, 2007

new bloggy ALERT

After such a long time…. I’ve finally decided that I’m gonna start a new blog… I’m getting kindda bored with this one here in friendster… n since I’ve out grown this friendster blog… I’ve decided that its time I ‘grew up’ n start using a proper blog…. Hheheheh….

I decided to use this blog in friendster cos I wasn’t too sure if I’ll continue blogging or not…n I wasn’t sure how long this blogging thing will last for me…. I’m d kindda person who gets bored easily… I got to keep changing things so that I can keep myself entertained and satisfied ….

After almost a year…. I’ve learnt that I am not addicted to blogging… but I enjoy blogging…… I somehow like d feeling of being able to talk about a few things without looking at anyone directly n without having to justify myself or clarify anything…. Cos firstly this is MY blog…n secondly I don’t even know who’s reading it… haahha…..so I don’t have to bother about anyone getting offended.. ( not that I backstab ppl or gossip about them… its just that ppl get offended easily… that’s human’s nature rite… ) n i've also discovered that blogging is much easier than talking to someone directly... u know, when someone cuts u off while u r talking... or when nobody listens/or they do listen but dont respond when u r all in a group(which happens to me.. oh so often!!)... while blogging.. u dont have to worry about all that! :)

Anyway, getting back to my new blog story… I’ve already created one in blogger (…or was it blogspot.com??? I was ignorant of that while creating an account!! =S ) but its not complete yet… I’m still trying to get a proper template n proper intro lines n things of that sort…. N I obviously haven’t started blogging in that… y would I wanna continue here if I have one there?? DUH!!!


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