Monday, April 2, 2007

Day 1 of studying

i only woke up at 10 this morning...n by the time i started to study... it was already 11.30am... so much for trying to wake up early n start studying!! but i actually woke up at 4.30 this morning...cos i slept off while trying to study last nite...n left d lights, it was very bright at 4.30am n i thought it was already some 10 or 11 in d morning... but when i saw d time, i happily switched off d lights n went back to sleep!!! trust me to wake up early in d morning n this is wat will happen.. hahaha..

anyway, i forced myself to sit still n start studying at 11.30am.... i didnt study...but i took 1 and half hour to finish studying something which would only need half an hour!! d extra one hour was because i was day dreaming as usual...n planning for my holidays....

last nite while i was talking to mum, she told me that she has made a lot of plans for may n june while i'm at home in malaysia... so, today i started thinking about it already!! this is wat i do all d time during my study break!! i always end up thinking about my holidays instead of studying for d exams which is before d holidays!!

anyway, i got irritated..couldnt sit with d same notes any longer...n took a break for lunch... n then i couldnt resist d temptation to go online... so here i am!!

i studied for half an hour this morning n i took a break for 3 1/2 hour!! if i continue at this rate... i;ll mess up all my papers big time... and ask for loads of trouble!! i'd better get back to studying.. i have zoology pracs pre finals tomorrow n i'm yet to study for that... n i only have 14 days left for d finals!!

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