Monday, April 16, 2007

1 paper done, KILLER paper on wed

Yes!! 1 paper done.. 4 more to go… but d problem is.. my next paper is a KILLER!!

I don’t believe this…! For d 1st time in my life I find zoology difficult…. N chem is not too bad!! Shocking isn’t it??!! I’m zapped myself! I’ll do anything to get rid of Chem from my life… that’s how much I hate Chem! But it’ll be stuck with it for another whole year!!

Anyway, today’s paper was ok… keeping in mind that I had Add Eng today… today’s paper SHOULD be and MUST be ok…or not I’d better go hang myself!! I’ll die if I can’t do an eng paper properly… I finished it by 11.15am n d teacher told us that had to stay till d end ( which is 12.30noon) no matter wat… while trying to figure out how I’m going to survive d KILLER paper on Wednesday… I accidentally fell asleep…. Hehehe….. I was sitting up straight n kindda dozing off, so it was obvious that I was sleeping.. d teacher couldn’t bare to see me dozing off in front of my exam paper n she let me go… hehehe… I did it on purpose actually… =P .. hey, I didn’t fake d entire sleeping thing.. I was sleepy cos I woke up before 5am today… I just over did it a little bit… hehehe.. I was starving n I had nothing else to do in that room... I got bored reading my eng paper again n again till 12noon!! ( yea….. she only let me out half an hour before time…. N that too only after all that over acting!! Talk about strict teachers! )

4 more papers to go.. I cant wait to get over with all d other exams as well… I wanna SLEEP!!!!!!!

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