Monday, April 23, 2007

freedom at last!!

I have LOADS to blog about today… but I’ll tell it one at a time… if I were to blog everything that I want to by 2nite… I doubt if any of u will ever have d patients to read my blogs anymore!! So, being as much considerate as possible…I’ll make it short n sweet…

Ok, d very 1st thing is… my exams r finally over!!!!!! U cannot even imagine how happy I am to get over with my exams and get rid of my books!! D 1st thing I did today as soon as I reached home was to pack up all my books n notes which I used this sem. I’ve never been this restless to get over with my exams!!!

Its not like I was glued to my books 24/7… but I did study quite a lot this sem… a lot enough to keep me away from text books till the 3rd of July as least!!

Anyway… after d exams.. as usual … I became Cinderella for d day…. N my duty is not over yet for today….. got kindda lazy in between… hehehhe…

Secondly… eerrr…. I forgot wat else I wanted to blog… =P

I’m too sleepy now to recall too…. Reancangan tergendala sebentar ….So to be continued tomorrow…. ;p

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