Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chennai Trip Day 1

I went to Chennai on d 29th of Feb with my classmates n college mates on a college trip. We got to know about this trip on d 1st week of feb, but i was undecided about going till d very last minute... pls dont ask me y... its a long story! chennai trip was fun.. not all that great, but fun to a certain extend. i had already been to all the places that was in d list, but still i went again. :p

we left by bus on friday nite, n we took 10 hours for a 6 hour journey! y? because d bus driver n d tour guide didnt know d route n wasnt prepared with d paper work!! we stopped for so many hours in between till we got so sick of it!!

oh, one stop was fun!! hehhehe... d bus driver wanted to have dinner, so we stopped at a restaurant called... eerr.. i dunno wat its called... it doesnt matter anyway. all of us got down from d bus cos we were sick of being cramped up in d bus for so long, n some of us wanted to go to d loo. d some who wanted to go to d loo became more than 30 students!! n there was only one loo in d ladies side which was already starting to stink... so guess wat we did!? yup... we went to d men's loo!! hahahhaha!! there were no men around k... n we couldnt help it. going to a men's toilet was more practical then waiting for hours(which we didnt want to) in a long queue for d ladies toilet.

while my friends n i were walking out towards d bus, we saw one guy customer in that restaurant going to d loo... we wanted to warn him about wat he's gonna face... but he walked past us by the time we decided wat to do.n within a few seconds we saw that guy running out !! hahah.. must have gotten a shock of his life to see so many girls in a men's loo!!

On saturday we went to d crocodile farm, n Mahabalipurum Beach. i've been to that crocodile farm a few years ago... infact many years ago... n i vaguely remembered how it was. after that was an old temple n beach.

we had to pay entrance fee n then go in to see d old temple... it was built of large stone blocks n it was actually d ruins of a famous temple i think. we werent bothered about d temple at all, cos we were all roasting!! d weather was simply unbearable!! i had my sunglasses on, wore a long thick scarf around me, had my friend's fisherman's cap(with army sort of colour n design) on, n occasionally had am umbrella. in short,.... i think i looked a begger !! wat do i say i think... cos i didnt even bother looking at myself! all i wanted to do was not get roasted n burnt... but thats wat happened at d end of d day ..especially after d beach.

while we were walking from d temple to d beach(which was just next door), we got lots of stares n remarks from d idiotic guys who were on d way! wat else can we expect when all of us were looking like beggers n girls with leprosy who were trying to cover themselves rite...

btw, this was d 1st time i ever went to a beach in chennai!! i've been to chennai like uncountable times already.. but i've never been to d beach before! most of d girls were having fun in d water.. i was just took busy trying to keep myself protected, n looking at d others play.

oh, n i picked a fight with one cheap idiot in d beach!! ahahha....not a fight actually, i blasted one guy big time.. it felt so good!! :D Initially i noticed that this fool n his friends were looking at d girls for a very long time. but i didnt bothered to say anything.. i just mind my own business n kept quiet cos they were some 6 guys, n they were sitting in their place n commenting among themselves like how so many other passers by did. i'd be sutpid to walk up to them n tell them off. but after some time, i noticed that this fellow was following my friends(they were walking n running along d shoreline while playing). n he was hanging around as if he was admiring his gf of wife playing n having fun!! that ticked me off !

when i looked at him n called out to him, he happily walked towards me as if i was gonna ask him out on a date!! i asked him in tamil if he knew any of those girls he was looking at, n he gave me this dumb smile n said he doesnt know tamil, only english! n that too in broken english!! then i asked him d same thing in english, n he did not understand!! he finally understood after i blasted him n he said he didnt know anyone he was just looking. how stupid can a guy get!!! he was asking for trouble himself, n i gave it to him. he didnt even understand when i said give us some privacy! wat bloody english does he know then?!! i practically had to say word by word in every possible way to get him to understand wat i meant. finally i just said go away n get lost... only then did he understand!! dumb ass!

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