Friday, March 7, 2008

Chennai Trip Day 2

Day 2 in Chennai. Sunday, 1st of March 2008. That''s how you write a report rite??... eerr.. whatever...

The day started off quite bad.. no, no.. it started off quite good but after a few hours it was kindda screwing cos we all woke up late, took our own sweet time to get ready, have bath, fool around(everyone was walking up n down to different rooms waking d others up, n disturbing), and photo sessions. we were more than an hour late, and the day we are late, everyone else was already in d bus!! talk about punctuality! (the 1st day everyone else was late by 2 hours!!!)

We went to a temple by the beach. oh! btw, the temple was named after me! ;) heheh... It was really hot, so again i was looking like a begger, minus the fisherman's hat and umbrella. while waiting for everyone else to come from the temple and beach, i went shopping... bangles shopping. you cannot guess how crazy i went! there were so many small shops along the shore , and i bought 1 set of bangles in every shop that i stopped at. my friends were getting worried that i was going mad, and literally had to force me out n away from the shops.

after that was d snake park. there was no way i was gonna go inside n look at horrible, disgusting, slimy reptiles... so i decided to go to my aunts house which was supposedly near by.but when i called my aunt, i realized that 45 minutes of traveling to and fro was considered near! it was way too hot n too far n i didnt have d time. so i just bought ice cream and sat in d bus, taking pics of my expanded bangle collection.

next stop was lunch. lunch was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!!! i'll dedicate a blog especially for that! hahahha

then was shopping which was unsatisfying.. :( we hardly had 1 hour cos we spent too much time for lunch, and my aunt had come to see me, so id dint even have time to look around :(

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