Monday, March 17, 2008

my MSN was hacked

Some fool has been using my MSN id for more than a year.... n i'm a bigger fool for not realizing it!!

Trish smsed me a few days ago at nite n asked if i was ok or not, n that she received a msg from my msn saying that i was dead! d 1st thing that ran on my mind was that i was killing my back n my head to do stupid diagrams in zoology, n i wasnt even online... then how can she receive msges from my id?? the 'Chumi is dead' thing didnt bother me too much. i was still doing my drawings n i received another sms from sherline asking me if i was ok...

that was it... i put my record away, n switched on my comp to try n understand wat was happening... when i finally logged on to my MSN, trish was there to update me on wats been happening in my MSN while i havent been online. some idiot has been using my id, signing in from an old version of MSN messenger, and chatting away to glory to my friends n family on my behalf without me asking him to do so!!!

that was when i realized that when abi said that she told me something but i wasnt too enthusiastic about it, n d replies werent like how i would was d hacker n not me ( i thought i might not have replied probably i must have been too sleepy or sick that i didnt realize). when some friends had been trying to msg me, they received no replies..cos it wasnt me. that also explains y a few friends didnt reply to my nudges n msges when i try to catch up with them!

stupid hacker!!!! y cant u just go n mind ur own business n log in from ur own account!! not only has he messed up between me n my friends, he's made me waste like almost an hour in sending apology emails n msges to everyone on my mailing list n msn list, n even here in friendster. i spent such a long time d other day to change all my passwords for all my accounts n today this.

alrite here goes another round of apology n warning. i'm very sorry if any of u guys received anything funny/rude/weird/sarcastic/vulgar/plain idiotic/or never received any reply from me.... it wasnt me. i never not reply to many msges no matter how busy i am...n i dont send sarcastic or rude comments to anyone ( a few ppl who know me well n know y i say that r exceptions ). n i dont have an old verison of MSN for goodness sake! y would i wanna sign in from n old version of MSN!!

n i dont have d patients to change all my passwords often... so, pls be on d alert side at all times... if u sense anything funny... pls let me know pronto. dei, Vid, this goes especially for u! dont happily go n bla bla bla to a stranger n then tell me after a few months!!

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