Sunday, March 30, 2008

r u left brained or right brained?

was chatting with Yasmin a few minutes ago ( i still am though...) n she sent a few links about which brain r u....check out d links .. its fun.. n true to a certain extend

the one with d girl turning clockwise/anticlockwise is a trick! it says that it u can see d girl turn clock wise then u'r right brained and vice versa. yasmin said she saw d girl turning clockwise so she was right brained and couldnt focus on trying to make d girl turn anticlockwise.

when i tried it out, 1st i saw d girl turn i thought i was right brained too n then almost immediately i saw d girl turn anticlockwise also! so, i'm right and left brained! while i was basking in d glory of d knowledge that i was more dominant then everyone else, i realized that it was a trick!

d girl turns both clockwise and anticlockwise!! when u look at it closely for a few minutes, u'll know wat it is about. when d girl is turning clockwise, d right leg n right hand is sticking out. n initially she'll be turning at a moderate pace, but she'll speed up soon n then slow down ( probably she's intimidated by d fact that there's someone on d other end of d computer screen staring at her! ). when she slows down or even when she doesnt slow down, she changes directions and turn anticlockwise. n this time her left leg n left hand is sticking out.

it's really d mirror effect sort of thing.. just give it a few minutes n try it out.. u'll agree with me.. n it's fun to stare at d turning girl n think that she's intimidated by u!,22049,22535838-5012895,00.html

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