Wednesday, March 19, 2008

College is almost over

today is d 2nd last day of my official college days.. we didnt have any classes at all today, but had to get our records corrected and attested. and we had to run about all the labs for that

Once that was done, a few of us conquered one of d empty zoology labs and settled there for d rest of d day to write slam books (its d autograph books that we write during form 5 and form 6.. here in India they call is slam book).

Initially i didnt wanna get a book for myself cos i just didnt fell like it... i thought i've outgrown writing slam books/autographs, n i since we had facebook, friendster, orkut n emails these books will have no use... but then everyone was so interested in writing d slam books.. some of d girls came prepared with beautifully wrapped and decorated slam books, stationaries and some bought d books from d bookshop in college n we were happily writing on it.

In form 5 i remember that we used to compete n write for so many pages.. we wrote all d stories rite from kindergarten till form 5, we wrote about tuition stories, about all d nonsense n stupid things we used to do, about all d fun we had.. n all these stories takes up at least 10 pages. its sort of a rule that d number of pages you write should be equivalent to d number of years u know them. but here in india, no matter how long or or how well u knew someone, it doesnt exceed more than 2 pages. they all start off my saying u'r so sweet, so helpful, so.. bla bla bla' n they end it by saying 'all the best n keep in touch'. its just so monotonous. but i guess its because there's not much time left

so, anyway, when i saw everyone writing, n even i was writing in everyone's slam book.. i thought i might as well get one for myself... its memories anyways rite.. no matter how good/bad/fake/truthful/nice/mean/hypocrite/helpful each n every friend was.

by the time i started my quest to get a slam book, it was almost afternoon, d books in d college bookshop were all d same or sold out n i was too lazy to walk down d road opposite my college n get one from there, so i went to my friend's room in d college hostel n ransacked her books n tore off pages from her note book! hahahhha

n then i went around to everyone with d papers in my hand telling them that those were my slam book to be, n they had to write in it properly with colours n decorate it nicely cos i was gonna collect everything n make a beautiful cover by myself n bind it n keep it so that i can show my children one day! yea.. everyone did laugh, n i ended up memorizing d whole line, cos i had to tell it to everyone! LOL. but so wat if they laugh, i had a good laugh myself too, n i got most of them to write for me within one day compared to those who brought/bought books. look who's laughing now!! hahahha

actually, i'm glad i took d initiative to get something done today even though it was in d last minute n even though it wasnt d best slam book i could come up with at d last moment, but its all still good memories. i had a good laugh reading d ones which my friends wrote for me today, n i know i will enjoy reading it after a few years... like how i still enjoy reading my form 5 autographs

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