Sunday, March 30, 2008

English Breakfast?? NOT

my friend n i went to a place called "Pecos" on Sunday morning for breakfast. apparently this place serves very good English breakfast.. n because of all d hype there was about it, 3 of us went there on wednesday morning..(or maybe tuesday morning last week) n left disappointed cos they only serve breakfast on weekends ( its a pub u see.. so, u can imagine wat u get there on normal circumstances )


so, this morning my friend n i went there rite after we got back from church. by d time we ordered n started eating it was already noon. literally we had breakfast during lunch time! :S

anyway, d so called english breakfast was bull's eye egg, toasts, mashed potatoes, sausages, n bacons. it wasnt all that great. though the menu sounds impressive, d quantity n quality wasnt so. d food was kindda stale n i didnt quite like d bacons. i tried a little bit of it.. it was kindda ok ( it was pork.. or maybe beef ... ), but didnt feel like eating it after listening to my friend's commentary n expressions on wat she thought about it.. so i just gave it to her(which she finished..she wasnt being greedy k.. she just didnt wanna waste food! ;p )


when my friend had finally finished her food n quarter of my share, we asked for d bill. we had d rite amount of change for d bill, but my friend wanted change n she gave her RS500 note. within a few minutes d waiter came back telling us that d note was torn n cello taped n wont accept it. we had to fork out d change. this time, d waiter counted d money in front of us. i was wondering if we didnt keep d rite amount, but he cleared my doubt immediately. he took up d bill n said that d bill was for RS270 (thats d amount we had kept), n i said 'yea'.

guess wat he did?! he gave us d most disgusting look ever, hit his forehead with his palm, called us waste n walked off!! my friend was just lost! she didnt even know y he did that!

ok, we should have left some tip (after changing our order, making him change d drink from one glass to another cos my friend thought it smelt of egg, making him carry out plates n clean d table) but we just forgot k! n d waiter had absolutely no right to demand for tips!! giving tips is d customers wish, not d waiters wish! y else r they being paid by d owners of d restaurant. it's not like they have to survive with our tips!!

Heights of embarrassment !! hahaha... we just scooted from that place as soon as that waiter moved away. hopefully no one else had seen it :P

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