Sunday, November 2, 2008

How to survive a bowling game no matter how badly u suck at it

before i give u life saving tips on wat to do in a bowling alley if u don;t like bowling either because u can't bowl, or even because u don;t know how to bowl... i've got a very important announcement to make!!

I've got a follower in my blog!!!!!! n it's HOPE!! yay!!!! (HOPE, how did u do it ah? wat does a follower mean actually?!)

ok, we'll resume with my super tips: "For Bowling idiots"

This is a post with pictures so that ------ will understand much better. (there are 35 pics, so Malaysians and Indians, give it some time to load, everyone else from everywhere else, i dont think u'll have to wait long for d pics, just go ahead n scroll down)

1. Take a pic of the bowling place from outside... it looks different in every country anyways

2. pose like an idiot at d counter with ur bowling shoes. ppl from ur hometome/country might not have seen bowling shoes before

3. If u think u took too retarded in d 1st shoe pose, then try n act natural n take another pic in another pose

4. Pose with 'the ball' and give it ur best stupidest smile ever

5. Chose the ball like a pro n dont let ppl know that u dont know wat to do

6. next, walk toards d isle, n swing d ball... be careful not to throw it backwards

7. Got a strike?? show that victorious smile on ur face

8. Take a break n pose for pics with the less lucky ones n give them ur autographed photo

9. no strike...? better luck next time...

10. 50/50..... u can still smile for a pic

11. went down d drain.... dont worry, n dont give such drastic reactions yet

12. Strike?? relax.. this is no boxing alley.. it's a bowling alley

13. Always remember to bring out d best in u even if u dont manage to push one pin down. smile n d world smiles with u!!! (except that some's definition of smile might be different from urs)

14. pose with d ball in every way u can think of. u might not have this chance again

15. too engrosed in posing??

16. now, that's a striker's smile!

17. Silently pray for ur opponent to loose

18. if u think u r the least scorer, confuse everyone else, n deny everything to d max

19. let d pro show u how its done.but always keep in mind that he's a pro n he can get away with watever he does. if u immitate him n suffer the consequences, i'm not responsible.

20. make disgusting faces

21. n then act cute n make it up for d previous pic

22. take pics of cute guys to entertain urself

23. if lady luck decides to let u deal with ur turtle-slow ball on ur own...

24. u hunt lady luck down n get ur own way...

25. carry ur sling bag along... if u insist that it brings u luck

26. yea yea... that's how u carry d ball

27. never forget to take pics in between turns.... err... funny faces r optional

28. yes, we know u got a strike

29. even though u r not d winner... show d victory sign!!

30. remember to pose in different angles

31. saw something fascinating??

32. exxagarate

33. look away from camera n smile.. it's d latest trend

34. group shot.... it doesnt matter if some in ur group r missing... as long as u look good


**HOPE** said...


haha...loved your post

Chumi Lakshmi said...

hahahha.... i know :P