Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i've got such nice classmates!!

most of my classmates are married ppl... and almost all of them have brought their family here to stay with them cos they're being paid by their government.

these guys are so sweet, that they actually bring food from home... some time they even bring cookies and cakes that are really yummy!!!!

we even have mini parties during our group discussion...

some other classmates buy ferrero rochers for the whole class!!!!!!

d day i saw d two boxes of ferrero rochers on the table as soon as i entered class, i just paused in front of it as if i was mesmerized and i couldnt stop that stupid grin on my face!! :P

everyone else in class got 1 chocolate, some got 2.. but i got THREE!!!! yay....

(PS: u just cannot imagine how much i LOVE ferrero rocher and wat i;m willing to do for it!!!! )

n not only that... d guy who bought the ferrero rochers gave me the box!!

now i have 1 box

puls another box to put my earrings in!!

my earrings finally have a decent home to live in

compared to the tiny uncomfortable temporary shelter that they had in these few weeks

but the only problem now is that everytime i open that box to take my earrings... i can see ferrero rochers dancing in front of me! :(

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