Thursday, November 13, 2008

On libraries, working around the clock, and beers

for the first time after 37 days of being here, i finally set foot in the famous library... n i fell in love!

nevermind the weird stares and giggles i got from ppl around me (thanks to the obvious blur and lost look on my face), i still liked the library... no, actually i loved it!!

it was humongous!!! n there were thousands and thousands of books, that the students might not even have touch most of it!! there were these reference and bibliography books for Medicine, enzymes, plants, biotechnology, nomenclature names.... u name it, and it was all there! it was so nice to just stand at the one end of the book shelf and stare at all those books.

i've always had a soft spot for libraries. when i was in primary school, my friends n i used to come up with all sorts of excuses to go to the public library. we even went to the extend of telling each other's parents that we were going to each other's house ( i was going to her house and she was coming to my house... get it..?) cos the old public library was on a hill and there were a lot of human monkeys and real monkeys.... but that library itself was an antic bungalow sort... it had that homely feeling n i've always liked the quiet and organized atmosphere of libraries.

When i was in secondary school, i went to the library almost everyday, and i had finished reading almost all the novels that was stocked up (CBM had one of the best collection of novels and books even though it was smaller than any other school library ).i even had my favourite spot and no one else would dare sit there cos they knew it was m spot! LOL! while i was in High School, i used to skip break times and lunch hours and sit in the library to read some books or newspaper. i skipped lunch n break time cos i didnt want to go to the canteen and embarrass myself (co-ed school la... n i hardly used to talk in those days). Mount Carmel College was a different story on it's own. i hated that library!! i can count with my fingers the number of times i went to that library!

now, i've found my love back again! i really like that place.. and i can see myself going back there very often and spending hours.

the thing is.... i've got zero disciplin these days! i'd switch on my computer d moment i reach my room, and start chatting, watching movies, listening to songs, reading and replying mails and everything else expect do my work...

talking about work.. that's my second topic. there's paper work every single day! i have to keep working around the clock.. but all i do i walk and talk around the clock not work!

let me just explain to you my to-be schedule for the coming 2 weeks k.. and then u'll get a drift of wat i'm saying.

i have :
1)to prepare for my PBL group presentation for tomorrow morning (which is every week. we get a new topic every monday and we have time till friday of that week to prepare for it)

2)a major scientific paper due on tuesday morning (for which i have to work my ass off from tomorrow... cos there's no such thing as working in the last minute here and there's no way i'll be able to get at least exceptable marks if i dont even spend the weekend on it)

3)to work on the new practical on tuesday as soon as i submit the essay in the morning. this practical is gonna be another headache.. the others can easily say its easy cos they've done it before. i'm the one who's gonna have to start from stracth and make up a whole new primer and find restriction enzymes and genes and proteins for it!

4) to start preraring resume and some self determination letter or something like that on wednesday and thursday for some official purpose

5) to unseal my record book and ceremoniously do the opening ceremony by writing down the first out of four long experiments which is still pending from day 4!

6) (oh how can i ever forget!!) i have to work on the next PBL which would have been given to us on monday!

7) to start writing draft for another essay which is due the following week.

day after day after day... there's some work that's always pending...


and about something which is off topic from work... wat is it with beer?? y is it that ppl go all emotional even for a hug and silly things? is it that ppl actually forget wat they're talking or doing.... or do they just act as if they dont know wat's happening...?

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