Monday, November 24, 2008

I've finally re-learnt the art of finishing my work way before hand!!

I'm so happy today that i'm gonna reward myself my not doing anymore work for the day!!!!!!!! :D

i've mentioned before that we are expected to work around the clock.We ALWAYS have something or the other to do. and my classmates usually finish their work at least 2 days before its due (while i start it 2 days before ts due!)(i wasnt like this before k... this is wat has happened to me after my temporary placement in India) there's never been a single day where we dont have anything to complete (the fact that i dont do d work everyday is a completely different thing). today was one of those days.....

I dont think i've really explained how my classes work..., let me educate you today so that u understand wat i'm talking about.

other than the traditional tutorials and lectures, we have 'Problem Based Learning' (PBL) sessions every single week. the whole class is divided in 3 groups, and we meet every monday and friday.

on mondays, we are given a speicific situation/senario about a family who has some sort of genetical disorder or things or that sort, and they have certain questions and doubts that needs to be clarified. we are the acting genetic consultants and cytogenetisists who has to understand the situation, do brainstorming sessions and come up with questions that needs answers and research, and we split the question among ourselves.

for the rest of the week (which is monday evening till thursday night), we have to work inividually to look for details and answers to our own questions. and then we meet again on friday morning, for the group discussions and presentations ( yea, we have to make it in power point presentation as well).

we've had 6 PBLs before and today is the 7th one. what i have been doing all along for more than a month is completely forget about the PBL work till wednesday or thursday and start working on it on thrusday evening or night.

but today.... i started working on my PBL 3 hours after the group discussion and i've finished it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm so proud of myself!!!

*pats self on back*

actually... my topic this week wasnt all that difficult... but hey, i've never done it before... and so it was a challenge for question was to draw the family pedigree (family tree)

it was so much fun!! so interesting.... i'm gonna do my family tree using that software!! heheheh

those of you who want your family tree drawn in a very neat way and in proper order... drop me a line! i'd be more than happy to do it for u!! :D (but u'll obviously have to give me details about ur family 1st before i can do anything about it)

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