Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it's been a very long time (more than 3 years) since i ever got anything easily without putting up a fight

i had to fight, demand, raise my voice, throw a tantrum, show my temper and pull my sleeves up to get something all the while i was in India.

that made a very drastic impact on me. i did the same even when i was in Malaysia. well, it's not all that necessary to take drastic measures to get something done in Malaysia.

if you were to ask humbly or point out injustice or unfairness politely, the Indians will turn and look at you from top to toe, give you one of their most sarcastic and disgusting laugh and continue doing watever they were doing earlier. if it were to be a shop keeper, he wouldnt even have heard u in d 1st place and will just continue serving his customers who are smarter than u (i say they're smarter cos they shout at the top of their voice for something that they want, and they have no such thing as manners or decency)

but if you were to do the same in Malaysia, i cannot guarantee you that you'd get work done immediately. Malaysians are a mixed bunch. some are decent and some are not. so you start off by being polite, if it doesnt work, then raise ur voice. you wouldnt want to show ur temper at random ppl cos you wouldnt want to strike the wrong cord with the wrong ppl.

in UK, especially in Scotland, you'd NEVER want to raise ur voice. all you have to do is very decently walk up to them, expain things, show proof and that's it. u'r done with ur work!!

just like how i did today evening.

there was this electric jug kettle which we had in our flat. it was really old k ( i dont know how old it was.. or it could have been new and wasnt much appreciated by previous tenants ). the aluminium coil inside the kettle was not like how it should be. i wanted to take a pic of it n put it up here, but i really wanted to spare u guys from the disgust. everytime i use it, i try my best not to look at it inside when i'm filling it up with water or when i'm washing it. sometimes i even feel that i'd die of water contamination if i consume water which was boiled in it.

i asked my flatmate if it was possible to get it changed from the service building. she wasnt sure, neither was i.

today, when i came back from class, i stopped at the service building and asked them if it was possible to get a new kettle. they said they wanted to see it for themselves before they decide.

i said ok, fine and went to my flat to get the kettle and come back to them. i was mentally preparing speeches to voice out my opinion and point out how dangerous it can be to continue using that 'rusted' old kettle and how irresponsible they were for not giving us a new one.... if they had denied a new one.

all i had to do was hand over the old kettle to them. they took one look at it and said.... "give me a minute ya, i'll go and exchange this one for you. which flat did u say u'r from? i just need to make a record for acc purpose"

she comes back in 5 minutes with a brand new cordless electric jug kettle packed in a box and apologizes frantically for making me wait for so long (it was only 5 mintues).

explain d situation, show proof and 5 minutes later, i walk out of the building with this :

if this were to happen in India, i would have had to fight my heart and soul, and return with the old kettle and die of some water poisoning.

if it were to happen in malaysia, i might have had to put up a fight, but i would hahve gotten a new one anyways.

here in UK, there's no need to even think of raising ur voice for ur rights.... it's as if they're all waiting to give everything to u....

try as i might, i still i cant stop comparing between India, Malaysia and UK.

dont tell me i have no rights to talk about any one of these countries. i have equal rights in all 3 countries. 1 being my home country by birth, another being my home country by paternity and another my home country to be ;)

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